Dealing with spiritual attacks 3 - How to respond

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By John Eagles, September 4, 2007.

The spiritual world is extremely complex. If people feel spiritually bothered, it is impossible to give a quick and simple advice for how to deal with it. The spiritual world is vast and full of secrets. In several indigenous cultures some people were and are chosen to receive a thorough and decades-long education about the spiritual realms. In modern western society the knowledge about the spiritual has mostly been replaced by the psychology of the mind. Though psychology can be a useful tool to understand more about yourself in dealing with spiritual problems, i would compare this discipline with a guide who shows you the way in a country that he never visited himself.

How to respond to spiritual attacks? Let me first tell me how i usually deal with it. After that i will list some of my friends. When i feel i might be spiritually attacked by something, i first only observe and let it be. I observe my own feelings, i look at my environment how people around me behave, i watch the birds and animals to see if they give messages. All beings, but especially children, animals, drunkards often express the spiritual reality around them. Sometimes when i notice something that seems important, i make notes of it in my diary.

Then i start praying and meditating about all this. It is almost never easy to understand spiritual attacks or phenomena taking place. Therefore to contemplate about this takes at least hours and sometimes days. You cannot always put aside everything else when there are attacks and this is also not always necessary. I pick some hours in the night or morning. Sometimes i try to get a clear mind by making a walk in nature. Always by doing this, answers come. Such answers tell me something about myself and they tell me something about the world around me and they teach me something about a spiritual reality.

I have my own way of dealing with spiritual attacks after i discovered more about them. It has no use telling about these methods here because these can only be understood by those more familiar with the spiritual reality. Important is that you can develop your own ways of dealing with it by taking the spiritual reality serious and by learning about it step after step. For each person there is given a road of guidance which will open when you seriously search for it.

I will now list some methods recommended by friends who read the two former articles in this series:

1. Understand the higher significance and message - There always is a reason for any spiritual situation, whether you perceive this as bothersome or helpful. Sometimes a spiritual attack is actually help given to prevent you from doing something wrong. Sometimes what appears as spiritual guidance is meant to misguide you. Learn the message you need to learn about yourself.

2. Don't be afraid - Try to overcome your fear. The spiritual world is just a reality. When you are attacked, chances are that your fear is a result of those attacks. When you give in to that fear, you will come more under the spiritual influence.

3. Call upon help from a trusted entity - I myself pray, that means i connect to God the Creator. Some people call upon help from angels they trust, or from a central figure in their religion. A positive result can come because of different reasons, i think. When you connect yourself to good and higher spirits, you bring in and around you an atmosphere which lower spirits don't like. One advice given from a reader was: 'Enter energy of a higher dimension.' Sometimes angels come to your help by direct intervention.

4. Prayer, recite a sacred text, sing a mantra - What you want to choose here depends on your personal background. I can imagine that even singing a pop song might help some people. By reciting or singing sacred texts you bring around you another energy which may put off spirits that are bothering you.

5. Focus on learning a lesson - There always is a lesson to learn from each situation that we come in. This is definitely true for spiritual situations because these directly reflect meaningful connections in which we have engaged. We may not become aware of certain actions we made until we are confronted with the spiritual result of it.

6. Don't pay attention - Sometimes bothersome spirits will give up if you don't pay attention to them. They just want to bother you and when you don't respond, there is little fun for them. Sometimes it is best to just ignore spiritual attacks because after some time they will go away again.

7. Tell spirits to go somewhere else - However simple this sounds, sometimes this helps.

8. Know that these energies are not you yourself and relax - Spiritual attacks sometimes work on your nerves because you are not sure whether you are attacked or you are just being strange yourself. Some people end up getting crazy because they confuse the working of their own mind with was brought upon them from outside in the spiritual realm. This is why it helps much to take a neutral observing attitude to what you experience.

9. Don't give in to unexplained urges - The intended purpose of many spiritual attacks is to make you do something. When you do what the spiritual world wants you to do, you become more an object to them. Try to go your own course. Only do what you are sure you want to do and have to do.

10. Take time to solve it - Often you need to take time to solve such problems. Sometimes you must get out from an addictive strain of actions to enter a higher stage in your life.

I am aware that this list is incomplete by all means. Sometimes the only way to get out from a spiritual ordeal is by asking advice from someone else. Be sure you ask help from the right person who has experience with such things and who is not out to exploit you. Sometimes you have to ask yourself if you yourself made the reason for this to happen, maybe because you were interested in creepy things. Sometimes people are just curious for the spiritual world and try to make contact. Later they realize they opened a door they cannot close anymore and they cannot handle the reality behind it.

We need to develop spiritually, but the spiritual reality by itself is not necessarily an asset. There is no intricate value in being spiritual. There is value in being loving and good. Eventually, trying to live a life of love and goodness will bring you into contact with the spiritual reality, but in that case you will have the right foundation for handling it well.

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