Fields of life to be incorporated into economic thought

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This page is part of an ERW course, Principles of economic restoration.
By John Eagles, March 5, 2009

All the things that we own or use or produce are made from what the Creator has given us. To own and produce, to deal with and to exchange the things of creation is what in the world is called 'economy.' Because we were put in a world that was given to use by the Creator, it is impossible to set up a fair and just economy without considering our own relationship to God and the meaning of things in relationship to God. Our awareness of being children of God is needed to enable us to set up a good economy, whether this is on a micro level of a home-based economy, or on the macro level of global economic matters.

A second aspect of economy is spirituality. Things can help us to develop our spirituality. We can build a house that is filled with spirituality, or we could build houses of dead concrete and brick that merely function on a material level. A stick could be used to kill or it can function as a holy staff that is filled with sacred energies and used in spiritual ceremonies.

All things in the universe are made as a harmonic relationship between what is positive and negative (as in electrical charges), or between masculine and feminine characteristics. Harmony of form and content is what brings about beauty and joy for the user and onlooker. When we produce things we can enhance excitement of life by considering these yin and yang aspects or we could ignore them and build a meager and meaningless world.

I believe that the field of economics should incorporate clear thoughts about the religious, spiritual and harmonious aspects of all things that are used, owned, produced or traded.


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