The forest of wisdom for education

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This page is part of an ERW course: Internal Guidance, section Growth & Training.
By John Eagles, March 7, 2010.

I once spent a long time to learn in the forest with the trees of wisdom for education. The forest was full of trees and each of these taught an essential truth of education.

When i meditated under a giant oak, the biggest tree in the forest, it told me: "Your love can grow when you practice the Circle of Care. It means that you must care for all that God created and by caring your love will grow. It is a circle because all that God created is connected through one big circle of care. Care is to practice love. Without caring, love is not expressed and not expanded. The tree loves the grass, the sun loves the earth, the father loves the mother, the mother loves the children, the children love the parents, the animals love the trees, the angels love human beings, they all love God. The way to express love is by caring."

When i felt i had more or less digested this truth i went up to find another tree that could teach me more wisdom of education. This tree repeated the message about the Circle of Care but added to this: "There is a road of internal growth that each person must go. Like all trees in this forest grow to maturity through three stages, so also your growth must take place through three stages. It means that we all grow from being a seedling to growing strong to finally giving fruit. When we go through these stages, our life conditions will change remarkably. Although the stages grow out from one another, they each have their own characteristics, but always they succeed each other in a regular order and always it needs time and full investment to complete each of the stages. Because this principle of growth is universal and orderly, going through the stages can be understood as a formula, a Formula-Course of creation. When mistakes were made, these must be restored in a re-creation process. Therefore, we all need to go through a Formula-Course of Creation or Restoration. To be able to go through this we must practice the Circle of Care and we must understand and live the principles that the Creator has given us to this. These principles are called: The Divine Principle, the principles coming from God."

It took me some time to find the next tree that could teach me new wisdom. Each time i sat under a tree and prayed and meditated, it repeated the truth of the Circle of Care. Then i found a tree that told me something new: "We all exist on the level of heart. The heart expresses itself in a most direct way by the vibrations it sends out and makes heard to all around. These vibrations of love can be sensed and enjoyed in the form of music. Listen to the whispering of the leaves of the trees of this forest! Listen to the crickets, the birds and the wind! They all express the music of the love of the heart of God. Music is to learn to express our heart of love in the most direct way possible."

Trying to practice this newly learned wisdom i went along singing to the trees and i tried to let my voice harmonize with the music they were making. After some time i felt that the trees and all other creations of nature and i together formed one big orchestra and i wished so much someone could hear us. The following tree that taught me said: "Do you know that you are a being of creativity? Creativity sprouts from God but it expresses through your mind creating what is beautiful and useful for others. It is your mind that expresses emotion and thought into creations of your own kind. Each time you make a new creation, a new invention, a house you build, a book you write, a painting of beautiful colors, you do it to express your love for those for whom you made the creation. Your creativity is a gift from the Creator and by using it you develop your mind in harmony with the love of God."

I passed by many trees that all were teaching me the secret of the Circle of Care. They did not tell me much but gave me the feeling that the Circle of Care is the most central and most difficult to understand. Then a tree told me, while its branches and twigs were moving in the wind: "You have gotten a great body from God. Your body is the most magnificent and complete instrument that God ever made. You must keep it well and practice it every day. This kind of practice is called 'Divine Body Practice.' The practicing of your body can be done by dance or study of martial arts or by doing a sport or by cutting a tree or by working on the land, or in any way that you increase the abilities of your body. By body practice you can discover the many secrets that are hidden in it. It should not only be practice of the physical body but you can also learn to develop the senses and abilities of your spirit body. When you exercise each day, you keep your body healthy and you will explore all its possibilities."

Later a tree told me: "Do you see all of nature around you? Do you see all the things of creation? Your body is made from the dust of the stars. Your life is only possible by breathing the air that is around you. The trees and plants and animals make substances that you need as food and for your survival. All of nature is one integrated organism with God in the center. To learn about life on the level of creation, you must go through training in nature, learn to work the land, practice how to heal your body with medicines, polish your character by nurturing animals. Nature is the environment for the most excellent teaching about how to live life in the best way."

I was trying to digest the wisdom that the trees had taught me. How big is God's world of training and education! How complete and how great! When we go through so many courses of education, what a great creation God envisioned when He made us. I found another tree that told me: "You don't live alone in nature, you also live in a society where you must live together. To communicate well with people, you must learn to speak their language and understand the histories of they peoples you meet. Without this you cannot know them and without knowing them it is difficult to love them. This form of training is the most external of all and it is important just like the other forms of education."

Finally i came to a tree that said that it would tell me about the final course of education i must go through. This tree said: "You are a unique person. There has never been created a human being like you. God never created two people who are exactly the same and each person has his or her own value and purpose in life. Like a cow can serve us by giving milk and a chicken by laying eggs, so you have your personal and unique way to give to God and the world around you. This is what is called your personal mission in life. Your personal mission is what you were born to do, in addition to being a child, a parent, a grandparent. It is how you distinguish yourself from others and how each other person distinguishes from you. Discover your unique value by practicing how you can give love to the world in your own way!"

I left the Forest of Education to practice in the world what i had learned and i am now trying to pass it on to my children and to all those who want to learn. Sometimes i go back to the Forest, to once again hear what they taught me. The trees never get tired of repeating their message over and over again. In this forest are all the trees teaching about the Circle of Care and the seven special trees teaching about education concerning our course of re-creation, music, creative training, divine body practice, the way of nature, external knowledge and abilities, and our personal mission.