The physical and the spiritual memory

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A barcode showing the word 'Wikipedia.' We have energy centers in our bodies with memories stored in the form of barcodes very similar to this one.
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By John Eagles, August 31, 2006.

Though i cannot present you a complete theory of the working of the spiritual and the physical memory in humans, i have made many observations in this field and i want to present to you some thoughts about that.

First of all, there is a difference between spiritual and physical memory. What does this mean? It means that what you remember in your physical body, what is stored in your physical memory, does not all go with you when your body dies and enters the spiritual world. All the experiences that have only had a physical meaning and that may be remembered by your physical memory do not enter your spiritual memory. You don't take such physical memories with you into your eternal spiritual life.

Only the experiences of life that have a spiritual meaning will enter what can be called the spiritual memory. I have spoken to many spirits and asked them about their memories about the last life they lived in a physical body. People in spirit world remember only a part from their physical life, at any rate much less as what was contained in the physical memory of the physical body they had.

When i try to characterize what kind of memories are more spiritual, i would say that spiritual memories have to do with events that rise above the temporary physical existence. There live many spirits in spirit world who have no recollection of their physical life whatsoever. Because such spirits have no memories and therefore no life experience, they are unable to do anything in spirit world. They hang around and don't even know who they are.

The question comes up where our memory is located. Many people believe that memories are kept in the brain. Scientists cannot tell us how these memories are kept. They only know that when they trigger certain parts of the brain then certain memories suddenly reappear. They also know that when certain parts of the brain show defects, then memories of a certain kind have disappeared. This shows us that there is a relation between the brain and memory, but does it also prove that memories are stored in the brain only?

Think of how memory processes work in a computer. Memories can be stored in the hard disk of a computer. They can also be stored in portable devices like memory sticks or CDs or floppies. How are these data stored? They basically are stored as energy patterns. The memory is not stored in the hardware as such, but in energy patterns. The hardware is only a tool to bring up those memories. The hardware is not the memory itself. Likewise, i believe that the brain is not the memory itself, but only a device to work with data that are stored elsewhere.

Where are our memories stored then? When you have experience with massage you may know that giving a massage of a certain part of the body may suddenly revive long-lost memories. How is this possible? I believe that the massage works on energies that are stored in these body parts. Releasing these energies does bring up memories that were forgotten.

Memories are stored in energy and energy is everywhere in our body. In the spiritual body there are a number of energy bars, to be found in the head, on very exact locations. These energy bars are not exactly the same as chakras. Chakras have the appearance of wheels, but such memory bars have the form of bars. There is a bar in the spiritual body that contains all memories that have to do with the senses. Another bar could be described as a kind of conscience bar, because it contains information that has to do with ethics. Meaningful life experiences are stored in yet other energy bars. All these memory bars have very exact locations in the body. When someone is aware of the presence of these bars, these bars can be seen, just like it is possible to see many other energies by those whose spiritual senses have been developed for that.

These energy bars do also exist in the physical body. The energy bars in the physical body store the physical experiences and memories. When the memories stored in the physical memory bars have a spiritual meaning, they will also be stored in the spiritual memory bars.

I believe that the difference between spiritual and physical memories can be described in terms of frequency. Spiritual energies have a higher frequency than physical energies, very much like there exists light in various frequencies. Light with higher frequencies is invisible for the physical eyes. Devices that can detect radiation of higher frequency will not respond to light with lower frequency. Likewise, the spiritual energy bars that contain spiritual memories don't collect physical memories that actually is built from energies with a lower frequencies.