Traditional Chinese Qigong exercises

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Qigong with Ken Cohen - Whole Body Breathing

In Ken Cohen's Qigong: Traditional Chinese Exercises for Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit, you will learn ancient techniques for harnessing the massive power of qi literally, the vital breath or energy of the universe. Thousands of years before the establishment of Western medicine, Chinese masters perfected a system of gentle movements and meditative postures that can channel qi into the body for detoxifying, energizing, and healing. Ken Cohen, preeminent qigong master in the West, presents authentic practices on Qigong.

Qigong with Ken Cohen - Purifying the Qi: Bone Marrow Cleansing

Cleanse the bones of impurities, strengthen the bone structure and strengthen and stimulate the immune system.

Qigong with Ken Cohen - Gathering and Circulating Qi - Standing Meditation

This standing meditation is one of the most fundamental and important exercises for beginners studying Qigong.

Qigong with Ken Cohen - Gathering and Circulating Qi: Walking Meditation Part 1

This exercise is known as the "grinding step" from the Chinese word for grinding ink in an inkwell. This is an extension of the 'Standing Meditation.'

Qigong with Ken Cohen - Gathering and Circulating Qi: Walking Meditation Part 2

A second stage of the Walking Meditation.

Qigong with Ken Cohen - Dispersing Stagnation

Before closing the Qigong session we practice self massage to disperse chi energies throughout the body.

Lohan Qigong walks

Qigong - Bear Walk


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