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See John Eagles - all articles with titles of all my articles here on ERW or linked to from here.

John Eagles

New pages for working in the wiki

Working on Category Tree

Main pages i am working on

Newest pages on top. Shown here are the main pages, not all of the underlying pages, which are linked to in the main or overview pages.










Main pages of other users

Notes for myself

Site improvement

  • Consider to organize the site in Seminars teaching about certain topics, and informative articles that support the seminars but can also be read independently. That would mean to also organize the Courses such as of Gardening into seminars. Not yet sure how to do this.
  • Three types of pages
    • Articles and essays and pages with information about topics would form the 'Knowledge base' of the site. More or less a mix of blog and encyclopedia. Blog pages give views and explanations. Informative pages are similar to an encyclopedia.
    • Research pages give access to preparatory materials, for the authors and readers alike. There will be a moving from materials on the Research pages to normal pages.
    • Seminars give structured teaching. Several seminars together will eventually cover one or more topics. For example the Seminar Faith teaches partly about DP and partly gives Internal Guidance.

Pages with 'Courses' would have to be reorganized.