What to do when there comes disunity in a heavenly organization?

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This page is part of an ERW course, Religious practice.
By John Eagles, November 13, 2009.

There are individuals who have gotten central responsibilities in order to make this a better world. These individuals are the center of faith of families and tribes or organizations with a similar responsibility. Because these central individuals, families and tribes are taking responsibility to solve large and historical problems, they get to deal with evils that have been stored in the spiritual world.

How does it work? Angels and human spirits who made mistakes and who instigated evil in the past have gotten control over societies on earth to a certain degree. God picks and raises central figures of faith whose task it is to start a better world. In order to do this externally, in the visible physical world, they must first fight and win a personal battle against such evil spirits.

On the basis of having won such battles, God can give them the Word. Such people get inspirations and guidance on the foundation of having won the spiritual fight. From that moment on these people can pass on what they learned to others around them. At that moment, there is not only a central individual but also a central family of faith and there may come into being a central tribe, organization or nation.

Now, on a family, tribal or national level, the same order applies. That family, tribe, organization or nation must win a spiritual battle on the family, tribal, organizational or national level. Each time that this battle is won at a certain level, new truth will emerge which then must be expressed into the good societies that are being built.

What does it mean when a Cain-Abel problem emerges in such a family, tribe, organization or nation? It simply means that the first stage of spiritual battle has not or not yet been won by that heavenly group. There has been invasion of evil spirits to a certain degree and these spirits have inspired some people with words that aren't true, with feelings that aren't right, and to actions that better aren't performed.

When such a Cain-Abel problem emerges, it isn't always so that the one side is right and the other side is wrong. It could be so, but it can also be that both sides are under influence from evil spirits, to differing degrees and possibly also from different groups as they have formed in the spiritual world. The dividing line between Cain and Abel is not always that between evil and good spirits. In many cases, evil invaded both groups, but in different ways.

Whenever such divisions occur inside heavenly families, tribes, organizations or nations, one thing is clear, and that is that there wasn't made a decisive victory over the evil spiritual world. There may or may not still be central individuals unaffected by that evil and who can still stand in the central heavenly position. Yet, their task will become increasingly difficult as the ones following in their footsteps are not united with them centered on God. This is not a good expansion of the heavenly center, but it is problematic and the problems need to be solved.

It doesn't really matter how great those heavenly figures are in the center. The problems in their connected families and groups, when they occur, still must be solved. Jacob became Israel and as such became the central figure of faith for a tribe and nation that was to be established under God. But Jacob and his descendants had to deal with the historical problems as these had been stored in the spiritual world. The tribe and nation of Israel were attacked by such evil spirits and they had to overcome the difficulties.

What can those people do who are not in the most central positions when problems of disunity occur in the center of their group? Of course, the most obvious is to pray, but more can be done. The evil from spirit world always tries to invade using the outer shells to penetrate into the inner shells. When the central family of such a group is affected in a negative way, it therefore automatically means that the problems are not only in the center but more pervasively in the people that form these outer shells.

It is therefore possible for all people in such a group and organization to engage in deep self-reflection and prayer and to discover what has gone wrong in or around them. In that way, causes of the evil invasion can be found and overcome and the attacks on the center will become less severe and less difficult to handle by those who are in the center.