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Bolivia regions map

Bolivia : 36 cultures diverse and united — Nov 1, 2014

Source [1]

In Bolivia cultures are very diverse and although most foreigners tend to think of Bolivia as a predominantly Andean, Aymara or Quechua country, there are actually 36 indigenous cultures in our country, each with their own customs, and most with their own languages.

Bolivian president applauds China, Russia ties, laments rift with U.S. - January 7, 2014

Read this Xinhuanet article.
Bolivia is strengthening ties with China, Russia.
Bolivian President Evo Morales praised his country's cordial diplomatic ties with China and Russia on Monday, and lamented a "lack of trust" in relations with the United States.

Morales witnessed the signing of several cooperation deals, including government technology and economic cooperation, when he met Xi on Dec. 19 in Beijing.
He also recalled meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in July in Moscow, saying they discussed economic and social policies based on "much trust."
In contrast, Bolivia and the United States had drifted increasingly apart, Morales said.

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