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Eagle Rock Wiki offers training and study courses in a range of topics, focused on making a world better for everyone. Some of these courses are more practically oriented, such as in the fields of creative and useful crafts; others are centered on learning to be a more complete person in the sense of your relationship to God and others and your spiritual - and harmonious life.
Eagle Rock Wiki has the format of a study encyclopedia. This enables you to study both internal and external topics in a systematic and organized manner.
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Spiritual and Religious Principles - main topics

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Spiritual and Religious Principles - main topics

Here you find several topics of spiritual and religious principles. Each of the links below lead to a topic on a page that again has underlying pages of that theme.
  • Building a better world: We explore principles and ideas how we can build a better world for everyone. In principle this must be done by individuals, therefore the first demand for a better world is that individuals focus on their own good learning and growth in religious and spiritual aspects of life.
  • Divine Principle: Divine Principle refers to principles and designs for how God originally has created and planned the world, how this ideal came not to be because of evil, and to principles needed to restore an ideal world.
  • Energy and wheels of energy: Everything in the cosmos, alive and inanimate, is made from energy. The human body is no exception. Energy flows through energy channels in the body and is steered and stored in wheels of energy, often called 'chakras.'
  • Historical figures of faith and inspiration: For example, Enoch, Jesus, John the Baptist, Essenes, and others who were pioneers of faith and renewal.
  • Home Church: Make your home into a church or sacred temple, and invite friends and relatives into your house, and inspire them to do something similar with their homes.
  • Internal Guidance: Learn how to keep and develop deeper faith in God and in your own divinity. Everyone is struggling with many problems in the aspects of our life that deal with religion and spirituality. Find helpful articles in this zone of ERW.
  • Meeting God: Many people got disappointed in religion and also discarded God. Find back or strengthen your faith in God by reading essays about meeting God.
  • Principles of economic restoration: Economic restoration means restoration of a fair system of economy. This can only be done when the people involved in business learn to act in honorable and principled ways.
  • Religious practice: A few articles about the meaning of religious rituals and practices.
  • Sacred Poetry: Poems that inspire your love for God and all of creation.
  • Spiritual exercises: Find out how to develop your spiritual sensitivity, intuition, telepathic vision and other spiritual skills.
  • Teaching: A chronological collection of teachings by John Eagles. The texts are not organized in categories. They sometimes take the form of essays, sometimes are chapters from books, and sometimes are shorter notes.
  • The ending of evil: A series of articles to explain the nature of evil, with the purpose to end evil.

Other topics and courses

Training courses Photo Categories Main authors
Biblical archeology Rephidim rock.jpg Biblical archeology probably Charles Kamins & John Eagles
Cabinet making courses Finished dovetail.jpg Cabinet making Joseph Greenwood & John Eagles
Gardening courses 080518 Ragged Robin.JPG Gardening John Eagles & friends
Korean sacred sites Baitou Mountain Tianchi.jpg Korean sacred sites probably Charles Kamins & John Eagles
Modern Viticulture Merlot Grape.jpg Viticulture Richard Nagaoka & Charles Kamins
Natural building Adobe pueblo revival.jpg Natural building John Eagles
Origin and migrations of humans Human migration out of Africa.png Origin and migrations of humans John Eagles and various
Study of the mind Image for 'Study of the mind'.jpg Study of the mind John Eagles


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Culture is a word for people's 'way of life', meaning the way groups do things. Different groups of people may have different cultures. A culture is passed on to the next generation by learning. Culture is seen in people's writing, religion, music, clothes, cooking, and in what they do.
The concept of culture is complicated and the word has several meanings.
One definition says that culture is the complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.
Another definition states that culture is the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time.
In anthropology,[1] culture encompasses the range of phenomena that are transmitted through social learning in human societies. The word is used in a general sense as the evolved ability to categorize and represent experiences with symbols and to act imaginatively and creatively. This capacity is often thought to be unique to humans.
In the humanities,[2] culture is also seen as an attribute of the individual. The individual's culture is the degree to which someone has cultivated a particular level of sophistication, in the arts, sciences, education, or manners.
The level of cultural sophistication has also sometimes been seen to distinguish civilizations from less complex societies.
In common language, culture is often used to refer specifically to the symbolic markers used by ethnic groups to distinguish themselves from each other such as body modification, clothing or jewelry.
Mass culture refers to the mass-produced and mass mediated forms of consumer culture that emerged in the 20th century.

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  1. Anthropology is the discipline that investigates cultures.
  2. Humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture.