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By John Eagles, June 21, 2006.

It's kind of peculiar for me to write about the spiritual world while so many people don't believe in it and others are not even sure whether there is a life after death. Even those who believe that life doesn't end with the death of the physical body often don't believe in a spiritual reality. They think of the world after death as one that is very similar in nature as or even equal to the physical world.

My experience with the spiritual world is such that for me the spiritual world is as much or even more a reality than the physical existence. I can also not do anything else than write about these items from my own perspective. Because i am so sure of the existence of the spiritual world, it may be of benefit for those who are less sure or who just began to explore the wide spiritual reality.

What is the essence of the spiritual world? The spiritual world is the main world, it is the environment of our spiritual and eternal existence. Because our spiritual existence is eternal, the spiritual world must be considered to be more essential than the physical reality. The physical world derives its meaning from its relation to the spiritual world.

When we look at the life of an individual, it can be described in three stages. First, there is the period from conception to leaving the womb with birth. Second, there is the period from birth to physical death. Third, there is the time after death, the eternal life in spirit world.

The first stage from conception to birth is that in which an individual is formed, both physically and spiritually. We give a name to a person right after birth. The period of life in the physical world should actually be seen in relation to the period after death in spirit world. When you live your life in the physical world and you reach nothing that has spiritual value, your life has rather much been in vain. But if you lived such a physical life that it is full with spiritual values, then your life in the physical body served as a preparation for life in spirit world.

For what are we preparing ourselves during life in the physical world? Physical life could be seen as the school for later life in spirit world. In our physical body, we learn to live spiritually. The purpose of life in the physical world is to learn to live spiritually. Of course, many of us do also get children during physical life. Our children become our first objects to give our love to. Later, when we are in spirit world, our children, grandchildren and grand grandchildren still walk on earth. When we have lived a good life, we will have learned to love our children and all our descendants. When we are in spirit world, love binds us to them and to all other people whom we have learned to love.

Love is really the most important value to go for. When you die, you take your love with you, but you cannot take with you all physical properties. Spirit world is the world where you can make everything you want. It really is the world of creativity. For whom do we create something? When you make a music composition, you do it for others. You don't do that for yourself even you may enjoy your own music. You want others to appreciate your music and that is what gives you joy. That joy gives you new inspiration.

In spirit world you can find the most beautiful creations made by spiritual individuals. Creative people never lose their desire to make new creations. Each creation also has developed the creator's abilities, and the creator wants to express these new skills. That process never gets boring because it is rooted in your love for God and for others. You actually become like God is, a loving and creating being. Your love does never end and your creativity keeps developing. The spiritual world is the world where you can express all your creativity. The physical world is just a learning school for you to learn to become such a creative and loving person.


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