Help:Making new The Cosmos Times pages

  1. Add the title of the new page to the list shown here: List of all The Cosmos Times pages.
  2. Go to that page to create it.
  3. Add an image for this topic, positioned left. Play around with the size until the top of the page looks good. For nations, add a map from WikiMedia Commons. Adjust the size of the map so that details are visible.
  4. In the next line, insert {{Cosmos Times}}.
  5. You can add __FORCETOC__ when you want the content table to appear also when there are still less than three sections.
  6. Add one or more applicable categories: [[Category:whatever]], and always one of the categories [[Category:TCT nations]] or [[Category:TCT topics]].
  7. For an existing list of categories go here: All categories. For similar pages, like for example a new page for a nation, look what categories are used in already existing pages in this project. You don't need to add the categories 'News'. The template does that for you.
  8. Add the template {{Comments}} at the bottom of the new page.
  9. Look at another page in this project how to further set up the page.
  10. DO NOT upload copyrighted images!
  11. Add new articles in a new section at the top, so that older articles appear more to the bottom of the page.