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On Jan 25, 2012, at 9:30 AM, John Eagles wrote:

Charles, I take it that you'll make the format right yourself, which is better than when i do it. The normal order of sections in Wikipedia is, for example, in case there were 3 more sections:

  • 4 Gallery
  • 5 See also
  • 6 References
  • 7 External links

External links is the last section. References come before that. Categories are always at the bottom. It doesn't matter where you add the code on the page, as the categories will always go there, but it's of course handier when the codes are also placed at the end.

I would like to make much use of the categories. These form a kind of underlying logical structure of the entire website. They can also be used to quickly find pages. It's not so easy to make the logical order for the categories, but i'm sure we manage as we go along. I think that until now the category structure is ok, but it will get increasingly complex as more material is added to ERW. Therefore it's essential to get this right from the beginning. gives an overview of all categories on ERW, however it doesn't say which categories are also subcategories.

  • References: these are used as justification or reference to content in the text.
  • External links: these are for further reading about the same topic on other websites.
  • See also: these exclusively are internal links to other pages on ERW.

I saw that you kind of jumbled references and external links. References are numbered automatically and the numbers also appear in the texts. External links are not numbered. But i added bullets in front of each new link (it's done by *). When you have a reason to not wish to add bullets, please tell me, i'm fine with that, but i do like the bullets as it gives more the looks of a list.

I suggest that you use references only for content in the text that needs reference.

If a website that is named as a reference is also interesting as a whole, you can add it to the External links as well. I don't see a problem to have some sites mentioned twice, under References and under External links. It will help the reader.

Just like you do, i like to have texts interspersed with images. Sometimes i added photos to the Gallery only for the time being, but later i plan to have them directly connected to texts.

I would also welcome the possibility to have more columns in the texts, but i haven't found out how to do it. It may be a bit difficult with the wiki software, as they automatically generate contents boxes. If you find the way to do it i am interested.

Let's keep in touch on how to format everything. When we agree on this, other users can later easily jump in and follow our tradition. That's why i think it's important for us to have these kind of conversations at the start.

You may take one of my pages as example for the simple formatting issues. For example: would be a good option.

Embedded videos: I've sometimes also added them within sections, but in the Mullein page i placed them all within a subsection of the External links.