Holy Salt and its effects

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This page is part of an ERW course, Religious practice.
By John Eagles, March 3, 2012.

Holy Salt is special salt that is used in religious ceremonies in the Unification Church [1] . Here are given three reasons why Holy Salt is effective.

  1. Salt itself has a cleansing and purifying effect. It is used to conserve food and it is made up from crystals. Crystals have an organized structure. When salt is sprayed it has an effect similar to when snow flakes fall. Snow flakes also are in crystal form. When crystals are around us these can help a to bring an atmosphere of order and cleanliness.
  2. The Holy Salt is salt that has been claimed and for which conditions have been made. I think that True Father (Rev. Sun Myung Moon [2]) made those conditions but maybe others also contributed, i don't know the precise history. What does it mean that claims were made? This must be understood as a spiritual reality. For example, when a house is claimed as a temple for God, it means that in the spirit world evil spirits have no access. Often in history temples were built for evil spirits also. Then it means that in spirit world in such a temple those evil spirits are welcomed and good spirits are kept out. Holy Salt doesn't automatically make a temple for God when you use it in a room, but it is like posting up a sign saying: "We wish God to be here. Evil spirits are not welcome." Holy Salt works as an invitation for good spirits and as a warning for evil spirits.
  3. Essential is the input of the one who sprays the Holy Salt. Some people think that they can use Holy Salt as a substitute for doing their own responsibility. They are easy on themselves and expect the Holy Salt to do the job for them. In that case, Holy Salt will not work as expected. Most important is your own heart in using it. It is also important to only use it in places that you yourself can claim for God. Holy Salt works only in combination with your own faith and good efforts.