Ideal political structures - Regabriel

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By John Eagles, September 24, 2004.

In this revelation i shall try to give first outlines for ideal political structures. This problem is difficult to solve. Long ago, God has given principles and ideas to the angels how the future human world would have to look like. I am drawing from these very old ideas. I also make an analysis of human history concerning this point.

Politics is nothing else than good government. Already for an individual, there is needed the good government of life. Government of life means government of all aspects of life. There are many aspects of life, such as feeding, sports, healing, working, religion and so forth. Already an individual must bring harmony between these different aspects of life. Governing means steering, conducting, and bringing into harmony.

On all levels, from individual to family to national to world to cosmic, politics means the same: the governing, that is conducting by bringing into working harmony all the important aspects of life.

An individual must conduct his or her own aspects of life. But already on this level there can arise problems. No individual lives alone. Individual people necessarily have a relation to spirit world, whether this relation is conscious or not. Furthermore, an individual has relations to other people.

When an individual is not yet adult, parents and other people around the youngster influence the person’s politics. One can only speak of good politics of a person who is independent and mature enough to be able to do what is right under all circumstances. This is also called the individual perfection of a person. Such a person is able to conduct his life in the best possible way, being in total harmony with his or her divine origin.

The problem of politics in the world is that people did not reach such kind of perfection. People were dominated by the spiritual world instead of being dominated by God. Because of being under evil angels and spirits, people could not make good governments and they could not keep harmony with other people.

The world became divided in tribes and nations that were actually set up by different groups of angels. Because these angels were disunited, nations under them also could not make unity.

The origin of good government must be in one person, Adam, and one person, Eve, who managed to have a good individual life, who matured in a good relation with God. Such a family can have a good government over their daily affairs of life.

We could see government or politics as being set up on a foundation of good relations. There is the relation to God, there are the inner relations in a family, and there are the relations of a family to the outside world. This latter is usually called: foreign relations.

Already you have written down many revelations, not given by us, about the exact functioning of such a government in many details. What i here want to describe are the fundamental principles for good government.

The foundation for good politics lies in the good relations in three directions: first, the good relation of the unit (family, tribe, nation, world) with God; second, the good relation between the members of the unit; third, the good relations to other units. Only when these relations in three directions are constituted in the right order, there can be good politics. Good politics is then a matter of organizing.

Here i still want to say something about democracy as it is practiced much in today’s politics.

Democracy is not the correct principle for good politics. When we compare democratic principles with the principles i just described, we see that there is not demanded the good relation to God. How could there come out good decisions if there is not first demanded that individuals have a good relation to their origin? Democracy has only come about as a response to extreme evil exercised by few. Democracy is a system to prevent that few evil people control an entire nation.

JE: This document is part of a series of revelations that were given to me by some leading angels about seven years ago. 52 revelations were given to me in less than three weeks time, while i was going through agonizing personal circumstances. The content of these texts must entirely be attributed to the angels who revealed them. There's no input of myself apart from writing the words, and the truth of it is open for discussion. Publishing these texts here doesn't mean that i always support the content. All these revelations were written in one flow in an amount of time that never exceeded what was needed as the minimum for my pen to go. Feel free to ask questions and to comment with your own thoughts.