Let me take you on a journey

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Let me take you on a journey.jpg
By John Eagles, September 14, 2007
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Let me take you on a journey

On a quest for all man's tourney

For life thrilling and exciting

You will be a queen or nice king

We will go through deepest valleys

And pass dark and narrow alleys

After harsh and toughest ordeals

We will get most hallowed good meals

You and i will share some salt tears

Joy and sadness and some gay cheers

Fright and sorrow on our foot path

In the end we get a clean bath

No day passing without crisis

Rainbow's light shines from your iris

No day going without winning

Hear the angels' sound of hymning

Did you think that life was simple

Did you hope life's dress would wimple

Did you count the pain of others

Or did you never much bother

We won't grasp the sense of all things

Lest we fought and won in great rings

So join me now on my journey

Till we won that sacred tourney