Living in communion with the good spiritual world

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By John Eagles, September 6, 2009.

The secret for living in loving communion with good spirits is love. Love is what binds us with our ancestors and with heavenly spirits who wish to help us in fulfilling our mission.

There's much to be said about this topic. Here I share some tips based on the practice of my own life.

  1. Many people in spirit world are hungry for spiritual food. The main way to share with them what you receive is to speak it out loudly to them. You can read spiritual texts. You can speak or ask others to speak and give testimony of their latest inspirations. When you do this daily on a fixed time, it is easier for spirits to prepare themselves for this. Over time you can build up a deeper relationship with them and the people in spirit world will grow as they learn from what you read and speak.
  2. Reserve a place for them in your house or room. This may sound a little strange for many people but imagine that you visit another's person house and no chair is offered to you, no place where you are invited to rest. In such a case, would you not feel awkward and wish to run out of the house? When you prepare a place, even a designated area in a room suffices. For special guests you can put down a chair but it is not always necessary. Other people visiting your house don't necessarily see anything of this. It is your own awareness and hospitality to the heavenly spirits you want to invite that counts.
  3. Share your meal with them. It is possible to prepare a plate with some food, but you can also give them food in a symbolical way, by handing over your own plate to the spirits who are there. All this may seem strange in the beginning, but once you become aware of the presence of your ancestors and friends in spirit world, it is the most normal thing to do. And how would you become more aware of them other than by investing in them and giving them love and hospitality?

As I said, there are many other ways of coming closer to our friends in the spiritual world. These are only some ways out of many more that I practice myself. To develop our spiritual senses we need to use them, we need practice. To develop our spiritual awareness, we need to give love to attract good spirits to us.


A good friend of one reader went over to the other side and reader wonders how to increase faith in the spiritual reality.

The last thing I want to do is to make people do these things without them having any faith in the spiritual world. If that were done, one would begin to make it up, believe in the spiritual reality without actually experiencing it. Then, even though the spirit world does exist, the faith of such people would become false because not based on their own experiences. For myself the spiritual world is a reality. That probably has much to do with the foundation I inherited. What's real for me is real for me but often not for others. In that case, some people don't understand or even misinterpret what I give testimony of.

The good thing is: you can be sure that your friend is there in the afterlife, maybe with you sometimes, that I cannot say. To build up our belief in this reality it helps to read testimonies by others. It also helps to start making certain conditions as described in my note. My advice is to never overdo this. When we do what we feel to do is appropriate, we can go on from there. So even putting a photo of your friend somewhere can be the beginning of a deeper spiritual relationship. Many people do this without giving it much thought. But actually a photograph of a deceased person makes it easier for them to connect to us in the physical reality. Something else that I find important is to pray for them. By praying for them we not only connect ourselves and our relationship with that person to God, we also gradually can increase our faith in the spiritual reality.

The same reader asks: "I thought always the spirit world is (relatively) carefree ... For example, why do I have to read out loud? (they understand the silent conversation of my heart anyway, so I can read silently), why do I have to make (physical) space in my house? (the spirit world is limitless in space and time, for what do they need a chair for?) and why is a (physical) meal so important to offer to them? (there is no need to eat in the spirit world if you don't want to). To understand all this and the deeper meaning and importance of it that has to settle."

Many people believe that what you are stating and you are right with your points, but yet...

'They do understand the silent conversation of your heart...' - This is true for some very developed spirits only and when they are human spirits, it would be the same as with a person on earth whom you meet. Some people can read your mind and it goes better between people who are close in heart. But most people and also most spirits don't have this sensitivity. There are all kind of levels of spirits. Some spirits can speak 'spirit world' language, which is a language using images and feelings and thoughts only. But not all spirits are in command of this language. Even when this language is used, it needs centering on the other spirit with enough strength and good direction.

There is one more reason though why it has advantage to speak out loud. And that is that you change the atmosphere in the room. Speaking words of truth have an energetic effect on the environment that would even work if no spirits were there. That energetic effect is felt more in spirit world than in the physical world.

'The spirit world is limitless in time and space...' - Also this is true, but yet... The spirit world is limitless in time and space, yet this doesn't mean that time and space have no meaning in spirit world. There are spirits who told me that they felt to have lived for only some decades in spirit world, but they came from thousands of years ago. This phenomenon occurs when spirits could not spend their time effectively, because it is not true for those spirits who were very active all the time. There's much more to be said about time.

Space: something similar is true for space. Although space in spirit world is extendable and also compressible to a certain extent, it doesn't mean that space has no meaning. When you put a chair for a spirit (which I only do in very special occasions) the meaning is more in the fact that you gave a chair than in the actual space it occupies. I sometimes made a very small physical chair for somebody in spirit world and that was also quite enough, though, I admit, kind of funny for some people in the physical world.

So giving some of your time and space to beloved ones in spirit world has meaning because of the love that is conveyed, and it would work much less if you did not make such externally visible conditions.

'There is no need to eat in spirit world if you don't want to...' - Again you are right, and yet... Spirits who never got to eat in spirit world are still alive after thousands of years. This happened to some people in spirit world. But they do not feel very good. It is as if they are feeling drained all the time, depleted from the love and other elements which they do need also in the spiritual world. Compare it to astronauts who got to eat only nutritious pills. Would they not love to have a steak when they come back from space? Furthermore, if people die at young age and they don't get to eat, their spirit bodies won't grow and they stay at the same age possibly over millenniums.

Now what we give to people in spirit world is not really a physical meal. What we ideally would give them is a spiritual meal, not just the physical meal that we see. What do I mean with this? I do share with spirits the meals I make myself, as I try to prepare them with love and good feelings. But I never bother to share with them a meal of McDonald's because there's nothing in it that has spiritual meaning. That's why I seldom eat at McDonald's and if I did, there's nothing in my spiritual stomach so I am still hungry even my stomach is full.

All of these topics would need further exploration and explanation, but I hope that this is of some help.