Meeting spirit world while visiting places on earth

Dolmen near Carnac, France, known as "Roch-Feutet"
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By John Eagles, February 27, 2010.

How can we relate to the spiritual world while still living in a body on earth? Many people don't believe in a spiritual world. For others, the spiritual world is far away, only something to experience in the afterlife. But we are continuously surrounded by the spiritual world and we can learn to live in such a way that the spiritual world is incorporated into our daily lives.

Here a few examples from my own life.

When i enter a house or region in the physical world, i never just go in. Many houses and places in the physical world are guarded by spirits. To enter a house or to enter a place in the physical world always means to come to meet spirits who are residing on that location.

Here is one story about what i once experienced. I visited a castle somewhere in Europe. When i came to the gate i saw several guards in spirit world. All people just passed by without noticing the spirits. I went to the soldiers and asked them if they would permit me to enter the castle. One of the guards went to the lord of the house, who came to talk to me a few minutes later. I was still waiting outside the gate in the physical world, pretending to do something like taking photographs.

The castle lord in spirit world was a bit confused. Because he had never experienced that someone in the physical world had asked him permission to enter his property, he asked me if i really were living in my physical body. Then he invited me into the castle and he guided me from room to room and sometimes told me things about what i saw.

There were other visitors to the same castle and i am sure they didn't notice my conversations with the castle lord in the spiritual world. When i left the place, the castle lord invited me to come back as often as i wished.

Another time i visited an old stone monument, known also as dolmen. Before i went closer i studied the place and felt that some spirits from an ancient past were hiding themselves somewhere. If spirits are hiding in spirit world, it is practically impossible to find them, but their presence can be sensed. So i prayed what i should do and then i decided to offer some food on a stone that looked like an offering stone of the dolmen. I put the food there and waited and soon enough, one leader spirit of an old tribe and three of his companions appeared to me. The leader asked me who i was and accepted the offerings of food.

I asked him if he could guide me around the area where their tribe had lived in the past. So he guided me on a walk and told me details about his life in the past. Later i have often visited the same place and each time the leader received me and later also many other members of his tribe in spirit world.

Sometimes i went to that tribe and as they had prepared for me to speak to them i gave many speeches about God and Divine Principle to the entire tribe of a few hundred members in spirit world. Later a lot of things have happened because of that.