Realms in spirit world

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By John Eagles, September 30, 2009.

A spiritual realm is a place or a set of places in the spiritual world that is occupied by spirits who have reached a similar spiritual level and who are bound by common beliefs, traditions and sometimes abilities. This is a definition based on observations I have made in the spiritual world.

It is often thought that the spiritual world looks like a kind of building with floors on top of one another. The cellar of that building would be like hell and coming higher in the building it begins to look more and more like heaven. At the top floor in such a model are residing those of the highest level and with the deepest love and they are controlling the entire building.

Of course, nowhere in the spiritual world can be found a building like that. Just like it is true in the physical world, the spiritual world is divided in many places and each of these spaces are controlled by different angels and/or human spirits.

The image of a several-story building is of course only used as an analogy, to illustrate significant points about the reality of the spiritual world. This image is not a literal depiction of the spiritual reality.

Most cultures and religions have their own view on the spiritual reality. They commonly have their own names for their 'heaven', their 'hell' and often there also is a kind of purgatory or waiting room. When you look in the spiritual world, all these realms can be found. They all exist. Even the spiritual realms that were believed to exist by oldest cultures can usually still be found in the spiritual world.

When a specific culture lives within certain boundaries of communities and sometimes also physical borders, the people of that culture will often share a common belief and traditions. They share the same spiritual reality. Within that spiritual reality of that particular culture or religion, there are those who reached a higher level and there also those who made offenses against what that culture or religion perceives as being right. The latter category will be destined for the spiritual hell that belongs with that culture or religious practice.

When a person has a strong belief in his or her own religion and restricts human relationships with those in the community, that person has set up his or her own restrictions for whom are loved and whom are being met. That situation already may exist in the physical world and will then continue in the spiritual world. We are setting up our own limitations by whom we love, what we believe and where we are going in the spiritual world.

In the spiritual world there comes into existence a realm that goes with a certain subgroup or level of that particular culture or religion. Sometimes the borders of such a realm are reinforced by angels or human spirits to form real frontiers that cannot be passed easily anymore by most of the spirits who are residing within these boundaries.

But it is also true that people who have reached a higher level of unselfish love, and who therefore also are able to love people of many cultures and backgrounds, can more easily move through different realms in the spiritual world. Some of them can even visit the darkest places because of their love for the spirits living there. Such higher spirits have come to live in a kind of heaven that they themselves are making through their love for God and for other people. These higher spirits make their own heaven wherever they come.

The spiritual realms that are formed by the beliefs and traditions of particular cultures and religions can be found on many different places. Some of these realms may be connected to places in the physical world, for example to churches or shrines or holy places. Others of these realms may have been built in places in spirit world that are not situated in the spiritual world that is directly connected to the earth, but instead are located somewhere else in the cosmos.

Because peoples of different backgrounds have formed such spiritual realms throughout history, the spiritual world has become a very complex and diverse domain. The spiritual world is immense and there exist many places where no human spirit has ever been yet. Many spaces in the spirit world are still open to be explored and inhabited.

It is through the highest love that we have for God and for fellow man that we can take part in abolishing the borders in the spirit world that separate one group from another.


Question: This question is about villages in spirit world or towns. Do spirits live there?

Most modern people end up in many different places in spirit world. Some are stuck to their houses, others to some of their descendants, again others are so dead in spirit world that they cannot speak, cannot move, do not even know anymore they exist. Again others end up in realms of their religions. There are many possibilities here.

A village in spirit world is a community of people loving each other and wanting to stay together and all having at least a minimum level of spiritual maturity. Modern-day towns and cities on earth are not built from such communities anymore. Of course, one can visit such physical towns from spirit world, but they are not consciously built in spirit world.

I have seen villages built in spirit world but these are not connected to villages existing on earth, or not anymore. Almost always they are inhabited by spirits that form a clan or tribe.

Question: Please elaborate more concretely on some of the changes and phenomena in spirit world of the Last Days. What about aliens, UFO s and crop circles?

In the Last Days, all historical problems must be solved. Because all these problems are linked to groups in spirit world, groups of angels, groups of people who lived in cultures of past and present, these groups are reconnecting to life on earth.

This phenomenon can clearly be seen in spirit world. The Last Days are the scenario of a final frontline battle. Angels and spirits who resist the changes of heavenly restoration are giving their utmost to stop God's Providence from being successful. Heavenly angels and spirits are called to defend God's work.

The evil side has made their own plans for this time. Of course, they are presenting these plans as if heavenly. They try to give people the impression that under their dominion a much better future will come. They present false ideals and many people in the present have come under this influence.

There is no culture of the past whose spirits are not active right now. It can be recognized by the surging interest that so many people have in these old cultures. Also the spirit world is working hard to lead archeologists etc. to find artifacts telling about the old times.

It is a little difficult to speak here in detail about aliens as not everyone would be able to understand. There exist many beings in spirit world that are not known to man. They have only existed in the spirit world. They sometimes have very special abilities, far surpassing what humans can do. Compare this to what computers are capable of in respect to the human mind.

I have made study again and again of UFO's and crop circles etc. and until now I have found no reason to believe that they are anything other than spiritual phenomena. The physical facts that show up are not convincing to me. Although I think that these phenomena are sometimes spiritual and sometimes faked, I leave the possibility open that there might be a physical element to this.

I studied many pictures of crop circles and they all appear man-made to me. On careful examination one can see that the patterns of how the straw was bent are in such a way that one expects people on earth to do it. If they were caused by an energy event from spirit world or out of space, one not expect such typical human patterns, like straight lines being bent where there is the trace of a tractor wheel, etc.

I have seen films where people show in detail how they made such crop circles. It's done very cleverly. A new art form, I would say.

Then there are the stories of abductions by aliens. I spoke to several people who had experienced this and they told me in detail what had happened to them. They were clearly spiritual experiences. From spirit world, the spirits of people can be taken out from their bodies and then things are done to them. This is a very old phenomenon that has existed since oldest times. It's rather scary but I have come to the conclusion that it is real yet spiritual of nature.

Then there are the stories of angels coming in bodies on earth, or having done this in the past. The Bible also tells us about this ("There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." Genesis 6:4).

There's still a lot to be discovered about the history of man.

Question: "My own course to get to know the spiritual world has not been by studying books but has been entirely guided by what God asked me to do and experience." Is it God personally who has been guiding you in your course? Or has God fully or partially delegated this "project" (of guiding and educating you) to a mediator? A mediator like physical persons on earth through which God can fully work, or angels/spiritual guides that are totally united with God, who completely understand what God's plan is for you and who are fully qualified to guide you.

I always pray for God's guidance for whatever I must do. God answers us when we are serious in our quest. God's answers can come in many different ways, through dreams or through physical people or good spirit world. The most important is our sincere desire to do God's will and to do only God's will.

I know that God will guide everyone who has this kind of desire and faith. Sometimes God can use mediators to guide us, but how can we be sure that what a mediator tells us comes from God? Or that we correctly interpret what a mediator to God tells us?

There's only one guarantee, which is in our personal relationship to God. To have such a relationship is the standard for each and everyone. Those people who don't have such standard either did not make effort for it or did not believe it is possible. Why would it not be possible? Sometimes we may have to pray long for answer. There are questions that I asked God for over 10 years until I got an answer. Sometimes the answer comes quickly. It's in our desire and our faith.

Question: I understand and appreciate your answer, but I asked the question from a slightly different angle. Recently I have been told by someone something surprising about God's situation. So far I understood that God can relate directly with you and directly with me. However this person told me that God has been in soooo much pain that (in order to bear the immense pain) He was forced to step away from his children and that He now resides in some remote place in the spiritual world. From there He still supervises and coordinates His providence of restoration, however that whole work has been fully delegated to the angelic world on God's side! That would mean that third parties can fully act on God's behalf, but also that God does not relate directly to me. I can still experience and relate to God, however not directly, but only through representative mediators Can you confirm or deny this as true?

God cannot relate directly to you or me etc????? Nonsense.

God does not reside in a part in spirit world. God is above God's creation and spirit world is also God's creation. And: How could you know which angels you can trust? It's only through your own relationship to God. Any angel can come and say they represent God.

I have always understood the mediator's task to help people get their personal relationship to God, not to stand in-between God and me or you or to take God's place. We are all children of God (unless you are a monkey but I did not get that impression) and therefore God can speak to each of God's children. Which parent would refuse to speak to his or her children? It is the mediator's task to make that clear to people and to help them overcome the barriers that blocked the relationship to God.

Question: What about the idea that God had to take some distance as otherwise He would not be able to bear the constant pain?Question: What about the idea that God had to take some distance as otherwise He would not be able to bear the constant pain?

God's pain? God's pain is man's separation from God. Would it help to relieve that pain to take more distance?

Question: Have you been able to see for yourself (and thus understand more clearly) the providential changes in the spiritual world that Rev Moon has declared at numerous occasions of his ministry?

It is not the most difficult to see such major changes in the spiritual world when they occur. One way to realize them is through spiritual contact to angels and spirits, but just as important is to pray about and analyze the changes taking place in the world. All global changes on earth are expressions of developments in the spiritual world. It needs research and study of these global changes and then much prayer to realize their meaning.

A most significant change that I can testify of was that with the installation of Home Church. I have been doing Home Church for a long time now and I can speak of countless experiences with the spiritual world that has helped me to fulfill it. I could give you many more examples, but I mention Home Church as this dispensation is rooted deep in my heart.

Question: " again others are so dead in spirit world that they cannot speak, cannot move, do not even know anymore they exist." Simply speaking, what during their physical life on earth has led them to such a state in the spirit world? By observing certain types of human behavior on earth, can you already make some kind of educated guess where people may end up in the spiritual world What is the expected destiny in the spiritual world of people who are leading and concluding their earthly life in the sphere of homosexuality? Of course, I can imagine that there is an endless amount of parameters that determine the final outcome and that it may be just too complex to even try to make some kind of prediction.

With enough experience it is quite well possible to know for many people where they will end up in spirit world. But making these kind of predictions should never become a routine. Each person is different. Some people are very complicated.

People who live in a very materialistic way always end up in low places in spirit world and often they are incapable of doing there much. But some people who seemingly are materialistic have a spiritual reason for doing it. For example, some people try to get a lot of money in order to get spiritual control over people. They are not spiritually undeveloped but they use money as a means to reach spiritual goals, not all too lofty yet still spiritual.

I have found many creative people in higher levels in the spiritual world, for example composers and artists. They are often capable of doing quite much in spirit world. As a contrast, many Christian pastors and priests end up very low. They preach 'the word' but don't practice it. Knowledge of religious books can very much help us but is absolutely no guarantee for reaching a higher spiritual level.

Homosexuals are in for a difficult life in spirit world. There are many spiritually developed homosexuals in evil realms but none to my knowledge in the more heavenly spheres. I have quite many good friends who are homosexual but this is a tendency that doesn't help them in any way.

Question: "The evil side has made their own plans for this time. Of course, they are presenting these plans as if heavenly. They try to give people the impression that under their dominion a much better future will come. They present false ideals and many people in the present have come under this influence." I can understand and agree with this concept. However are you also confident to put names and faces on the earthly people pursuing those false ideals?

I could mention names of many. One false ideal is that of communism. It makes people believe in good ideals such as sharing riches and living in harmonious communities. The question always is: who is controlling this? In the case of communism, it is the state. The state forces people to live such ideals. The ideals themselves may not always be bad but the situation that the few control the many is bad.

On the other side there are the ideals of many fundamentalist Christians (or similar people in other religions) who believe in God and in Jesus and in keeping God's Word etc. But to whom are they relating as their god? Is it the real God? Would the real God make them to be dogmatic and judgmental? They believe in going to heaven and keep many rules, but they don't have a personal relationship to God and do not deeply enough investigate the state of their own heart.

I could mention many more but I am not out on a mission to condemn those around me. Generally speaking, the essence of evil is to pursue false ideals. The expression of evil is in all kinds of visible sins and crimes. False ideals are those that resemble God's ideals but the Creator is not the one controlling those false ideals.

Question: "Angels and spirits who resist the changes of heavenly restoration are giving their utmost to stop God's Providence from being successful. Heavenly angels and spirits are called to defend God's work." Reportedly Lucifer has returned to God's side a few years ago. Did other angels follow him back to God as well? What determines the return of angels to the heavenly side? Angelic behavior or human behavior

How did Lucifer get evil? According to the Divine Principle, by instigating Eve to the spiritual fall and later Adam to the physical fall. Are angels originally above people or people above angels in God's world? So if a man instigates a woman to fall and then that woman passes that on to another man, would that not place that first man in the same position as Lucifer? Look around in today's world and count how many people repeat Lucifer's fall each day. Would all angels suddenly have stopped to show similar behavior? Evil isn't gone if the first angel who started it stopped to sin.

Of course, Lucifer also increased his own evil by his own evil actions throughout history. But do you know how many more angels and people have become extremely evil throughout history? I don't know the number, but I fathom they are many.

Question: "God does not reside in a part in spirit world. God is above God's creation and spirit world is also God's creation." Interesting. Never realized that as such. Apart from God, are there other beings that exist or that can come and dwell in God's realm above the creation (= spiritual + physical world)?

This is not an easy topic to speak on. I could say something about this from my own experiences but it is very difficult to put this in comprehensible words. Imagine our universe coming out from God. Because of deepest love, God is in all of God's creation. It's like when a parent thinks with deep love of a child. The parent can sense the pains of the child. I imagine that God's love is deeper and therefore God senses more of each of us, is more in all of God's creation than what we normally experience with those whom we love.

This means that God is in all of creation, but is that all there is to it? How did the universe come about? The entire universe is composed of dualities, plus and minus, male and female, mind and body.

There are black holes in the center of each galaxy, according to the latest findings. What is a black hole? Here there is so much gravity that all the normal laws cease to apply. What is at the other end of the black hole? Similarly, what is beyond the border of the universe? What is the duality that came out from God? What is the partnering aspect of the created universe?

It must be a realm where God also resides. Is there time and space in those realms? Not likely at all. Who can go there? I leave with this question....

Question: "How could you know which angels you can trust?" I heard that the sensation of a cold (spiritual) energy can be trusted, while according to this logic a warm energy would indicate something not trustworthy? Is that correct? Or can both good and evil spiritual entities simulate any kind of energetic sensation? Are there spiritual sensations that evil spiritual world can not simulate? Can a seeming intimacy with God (accompanied by tears, feeling of truth, sobering energy, sense of humility...) be simulated by evil spirits?

Think of love. If two people commit the fall do they feel bad? Sometimes they do, but many times they feel very good. We can judge good or evil love on its deeper content, on its direction. Was it centered on God or was it centered on selfish pleasure? Just like it is very difficult to judge love on its appearance, so it is very difficult to judge energies. There are no simple rules for this to my knowledge and conviction. It is by our being sincere in our relationship to God that we can sense what pulls us away from God.

It is easy for evil spirits to bring to us bad energies that seemingly feel good. It is easy for them as long as we trust simple rules. It gets much more difficult for them if we keep a close and personal relationship to God because then that what is evil collides with what is good. This is what we can sense, but only if we are centered on God. What evil entities cannot handle is our personal and deep relationship to God. From that relationship comes our intuition, which is the main instrument that helps us to discern what comes or doesn't not come from God.

All other spiritual senses can be fooled, in my experience. Some angels or spirits might not be good in faking one sensation or energy, but they are good in other crafts of deceit. With our good intuition we also know what is truth. Yet this is similar to our habits of eating food. If a person keeps a good standard, his or her body will tell which food is good or not good. But if a person got addicted to a type of bad food, the original instincts stop working. Tears? You never saw fake tears? Tears alone are no proof.

Humility? When you know to be a child of God you will be proud of that, and rightly so. It is to defend your position as God's child. There exists a lot of false humility in this world.

Question: "What determines the return of angels to the heavenly side? Angelic behavior or human behavior?"

As man was created by God to be a further developed creation than angels, I believe that only when man fulfills his or her responsibility, real changes can occur. It still will however need the good choice of angels as well, as they also were created with responsibility and freedom. Think about what it needs to return to the heavenly side, for any human being or angel. Think of the Divine Principle that all sins once committed must be restored by indemnity. There is no easy way of repentance. Someone can make a decision to repent, but will then still have to go a long course of correcting all that was wrong.

Let me give you one simple example. A murderer repents after his sin. Now he meets the family of the victim and they haven't forgiven him but hate him. Is the murderer out of trouble? And what if the murderer comes back in the same situation in that he once killed? Will he keep up to his repentance or be tempted to commit the same crime? What about the person he killed? The victim could not fulfill his life course on earth and his spirit body got seriously damaged as well through the murder. Lots of problems to be solved, lots of problems. Even after repentance.

Now think of the many sins that Lucifer and his angels committed and you'll realize that this is not an easy process.

Question: You said that aliens are spiritual beings and I believe so, but why did God create them?

Aliens are spiritual beings but I do not believe that God created them. Imagine that angels have played a big role in the making of the animals and plants and also the body of man. To use an image: God is the designer and has a factory where many angels are working and producing. Angels have assisted in this kind of work.

Now imagine that you work in a factory that produces a certain product. It doesn't mean that the products that leave the plant are yours. But some angels began to think that way and as they left God, they also began to make their own creations. They made beings in spirit world that have similarity with humans, like a kind of robots. These robots are spiritual but have no soul. They have a mind like an in-built computer. They are produced to serve fallen angels.

People on earth get experiences with these beings and are impressed with them, usually because these people are proud of having spiritual experiences. 'Aliens' is dangerous stuff.

Question: Are there existing maps of the entire spirit world that can be used for navigation?

The spiritual world is utterly divided. There are many places in the cosmos that have been closed off or even made invisible for anybody who would approach such a realm. There are angels or other spiritual beings controlling such regions. The control structure is always different. Sometimes there is a council that has the power, sometimes it is one strong individual.

Such regions may be closed off in different ways. One way is to make the borders look like there is nothing behind. Sometimes, when you approach such a border, you come under the influence of special energies that make you hallucinate and forget where you are. I have seen countless of different ways in which this was done.

Now imagine the size of the cosmos. It is 93 billion light years across according to latest estimations. There are 100s of billions of galaxies with each 100s of billions of stars. Our cosmos is not empty in spirit world. Each star has a meaning and function in God's creation. Many stars and planets are inhabited.

I think that you'll understand now that there is no elaborate geography of spirit world. It is too large, too complex and too divided. The general principle for traveling in spirit world is that you need to know where to go. You don't need a map but you need to know the place, have been there, or at least know somebody dwelling there. This is how you can connect and center your thoughts on that place and then possibly travel to there.

But this journey may not always be easy. You may encounter unexpected difficulties. If your faith is lacking, you may get stuck somewhere and not be able to get out again, like someone who gets lost in a desert land and goes in circles and doesn't find the way out anymore.

Question: How can spirits move through the different realms in spirit world?

The spirit world is not a free place for the largest part. Just like is the case on earth, almost all regions are controlled and claimed. Also just like on earth, there are regions of little interest that haven't been explored much and where few spirits dwell.

You cannot just move from one country to another on earth. It is not because you could not go there because of your own inability, but there are borders with guards and they check whether you have a visa etc. It is largely the same in spirit world.

So the point is that there are two main factors determining where you can go. The first is your own ability of inability. The second is whether you are welcome or not. There is this incorrect idea that God and God's angels control spirit world and exiled Satan and his angels to another part. It is thousands times more complex and most of spirit world is controlled by those who are not really under God.

The problems on earth are huge. The problems in spirit world are still much bigger.

Question: Can you tell more about Christian villages in spirit world? Where are these villages?

The ones that I have seen all were on spirit world in earth and they were all settlements of older tribes. I haven't seen Christian villages, probably because Christians are far too much disunited to be able to make such a village. Most Christian spirits generally also are not developed enough spiritually to be able to make such a village in spirit world.

I have seen groups of millions of Christian spirits who thought themselves to live in paradise only because once in 10 years they were allowed to attend a speech given by Jesus. For the rest of the time they were in all kind of places, with their descendants for example, and sometimes angels brought them to attend such a speech. That event is what they believed was evidence that they were in paradise. Such Christians had this belief already on earth and they take it with them to spirit world. If they did not question the validity of their concepts during life on earth, it is unlikely they will do it in spirit world.

Question: How is the experience of moving up or down spiritual realms, as often described in literature?

The idea of higher and lower realms must be seen as a metaphor. There are no higher realms and lower realms, apart maybe from the fact that prisons often are made underground, but there are also heaven-like structures underground.

All spiritual places are connected to physical ones. That means, there is a spiritual world here on earth. There is a spiritual world on the sun. There is a spiritual world on the moon and the planets. And so forth moving into the cosmos, the Milky Way, other galaxies. When you move through spirit world, you move through spiritual regions connected to physical structures, stars, planets, moons, black holes.

Question: What is the position of the Earth in relation to the rest of spirit world? Why do not all spirits favor being on earth?

Through my journeys in the spirit world I've come to realize that for most spirits the Earth is not the center of the spiritual cosmos. These spirits have their own places somewhere else and that's their center. All people who are under the influence of such spirits or angels also tend to see these other places as their center.

For God, the Earth is the center because it is the place giving hope for restoration of mankind and of the cosmos. For evil spirits, it seems that they often resent the fact that God works on the Earth. They feel they have to work there only because otherwise they would lose out on God.

Let me tell you a little more about the sun. The sun has been the center of religion of many cultures, most notably that of Egypt. So what is logical to assume? Would it not be that Egyptian deities and angels working with Egypt have set up many constructions on the sun in spirit world? What is believed in such old religions seldom is fantasy. There almost always is a spiritual reality to their beliefs. So if you were an Egyptian believing in the sun god Ra, would you not desire to live on the sun in the afterlife?

There's an ancient and widespread esoteric belief that when you advance enough spiritually, you become a star. What would that mean for your afterlife? You desired to be a star and that will connect you to a star, not to the earth anymore.

Question: Why did Jesus not give a wake-up call to the spirits that attended his speeches?

It's a very good question that may have to pray about yourself. What I understand is that Jesus has worked in the framework of a constellation of angels and spirits that have helped to set up the Christian religion. Look at the Christian reality in the physical world and you see that what I describe from spirit world is the same there. They do some charity, they make some wars, they live their daily lives, many think to be saved, and then they listen to a speech by the minister or read the words of Jesus.

The physical reality always again turns out to be a reflection of the spiritual reality. So to ask the question why Jesus did not wake up those attending his speeches in spirit world would be the same question as asking whey Christians did not build paradise on earth or why Jesus did not make them do so.

Question: What is the meaning of stars? Are they inhabited only by spiritual beings?

Stars in the physical world create the physical elements, all the atoms that we know, and they also produce energy. Stars physically seen are the factories of matter. Spiritually seen stars have a similar function, but in the spiritual realm we then speak of spiritual energies. Not all stars are inhabited. When stars are still hot, being in their active stage, it needs special spiritual constructions for spiritual beings to be able to dwell there. Of course, I cannot speak about each star as there are 100s of billions x 100s of billions.

There are stars directly connected to the earth. One major one is Sirius. This star has a special meaning for the Earth. It actually is a double-star. Many spirits and angels who worked with the earth dwelled on Sirius (not on the very condensed and heavy twin-star of Sirius but on the other one). Unfortunately, Sirius was claimed by evil angels. Egyptian religion was connected to Sirius and it is a star that must be claimed back for God as it is of crucial importance for recreating God's ideal on earth.

Yes, when stars are inhabited it is by spiritual beings.

Question: Why is Sirius so important for life on earth? Which stars are claimed by God?

I don't know why Sirius is so important. It isn't that far away and even seems to have a gravitational connection to the sun. Each planet of the sun has major significance for the earth as well. Some of these things are known, in a certain way, to astrologists, but they do of course not take a God-centered viewpoint. They usually got their knowledge in mystery schools, which generally and always have been under the control of the angels and spirits that God is in war with, even though they sometimes do speak about 'god.' I have been in spiritual war with such kind of groups since a long time because they don't like it that I find out about their secrets without submitting to their authority and without becoming part of their hierarchies.

What I know is that Sirius was created for the purpose it has, just like the Sun was also created to play its role for life on Earth.

As for your question, which stars God can claim. Let me ask you, can God claim the religion of Buddhism as a whole? Can God claim the religion of Christianity as a whole? Can God claim the Unification Church as a whole? The same question must be asked about stars and you can expect a similar answer.

Question: As now is the Last Days, any groups are simultaneously reconnecting to the earth. Is there enough space for them or is the spirit world not bound by time and space?

This is not the first time that we are living in the Last Days. Also the days of Noah had this meaning and the days of Jesus. The Last Days in the time of Jesus were kind of cut short by his crucifixion and therefore it was said that these days will come again.

The Last Days have the meaning that God is making an effort to establish the Ideal. Because there is a time table to this that is known by the evil side, the evil side will prepare for the Last Days. Many of the groups in Christianity that we know as so-called John the Baptist groups of the 20th and 19th centuries, were invaded by Satan. Satan also set up his own groups as his way to 'prepare for the Messiah.' That is the deeper meaning of the revival of many esoteric groups in those same centuries and of much what goes on the New Age movement today. When we study the time of Jesus, we see the exact same phenomena and I am sure it has been like that in Noah's days as well.

What kind of picture does this give in spirit world? While God is building up a new center on earth, good spirit world is asked to set up forces of defense against the evil spiritual forces that try to invade everywhere. While at other times in history there is less interest from spirit world for the earth, in the Last Days all forces, good and evil, come to the earth to fight a final battle. While at other times in history there may be active, let's say a few spirits to influence the life of a physical person, in the Last Days there may be thousands and thousands concentrating on one person having a more central mission on earth.

How is this possible in terms of having space for these spirits? First of all, that so many spirits are coming down to the earth doesn't mean that all these spirits are actually with these people continually. Much of the work is done from a distance, with energy. But there is also little limitation to how many spirits can gather in a physical room. It is easily possible, for example, for thousands of spirits to attend a speech in a room that gives place for only some tens of people in the physical world.

This also doesn't mean that the spiritual world is not bound by space and time. First, spirits have to reckon with the limitations of time and space as are valid for the physical world, because these spirits work with people in the physical world. Second, time and space are not unlimited in spirit world. Even though time and space have a different meaning in spirit world, there are rules and principles for it just as is true in the physical world, but the rules and principles are different to a degree. That there are rules and principles means also that there are limitations.

Question: Could you explain more about 'like attracts like' in a spiritual sense, and how this adagio must be understood relative to our own responsibility?

Let me try to explain this with an example. When two thieves meet each other in a gathering of people, they will feel that they are similar and may be tempted to join forces to set up some kind of criminal gang. Likewise, when two people meet who are desiring to solve the problem of hunger in the world, they feel attracted to each other and may start working together.

Similarly, like attracts like in spirit world. But it is of course not so that this principle has a similar effect as the law of gravity, from which we can predict that the earth attracts a stone always and ever.

What mostly interferes with the principle that like attracts law is that we are free people and therefore responsible for our actions. The thieves, being responsible, could choose to not join ranks. The ones trying to get rid of world hunger could work together but could also fail to do it because they were tempted away by something evil.

Question: You are not shy to state publicly that you knowingly got this mission from God. Not many people are able to confidently make such declarations. What triggered the green light to start publishing parts of all the content that you have investigated?

It has been an ongoing process over more than 30 years for me to learn about the spiritual world. On the basis of my growing in experience, I perceive that God has let me explore more and more. Nothing of this content I have learned from mingling with esoteric sources. What I learned, I learned through prayer and from subsequent experiences God gave me. This kind of work is a continuous battle against evil spiritual forces that try to stop me from finding out about their secrets.

There are two main reasons why I could and cannot just publish all my findings. The first is that I need to digest all I found and this kind of digestive process can not be entirely done simultaneously with the spiritual research. Imagine that you are in a war and you are asked to write an account of that war, but at the same time you are a soldier or general fighting in that war. You cannot fight and write at the same time. All you can do is make some notes that you can work out after the war is over. The war in spirit world is not yet over, but it has now come to a stage that I know that God allows me to begin publishing about my findings.

A second reason why I cannot yet publish all that I discovered is that there is so much there that will be beyond comprehension for most people. But times are changing and minds are opening and so eventually all that I discovered will become public.

I have not done this work because I was curious about the spiritual world. I have done it because God gave me this task and I had to give up very much for it in order to be able to do this work. I haven't sought any recognition for that work which I have done for three decades now. All the efforts were done without publicity and very few people knew about it and even fewer comprehended. I understood and understand it as my God-given mission and whatever the reason may be, I know that the time has come to gradually share the results with others.

Question: How did you realize that you should not mingle with esoteric sources?

Because of my spiritual abilities I was offered several times membership of diverse esoteric groups. Each time when I asked God what to do, it was clear that I should not be friends with them. Much later God asked me to study many esoteric books from past and present. I always prayed much about it and detected how they mingle lies with truth and how they in reality are under control of evil spirits.

On that foundation God let me encounter these evil spiritual sources to discover more about them in spirit world. But very soon these encounters turned into wars as they realized that I wasn't working for them and was 'stealing' their secrets in order to expose them.

Question: You speak about the dangers of exposing secrets about the evil spiritual world. Are you sure you are now sufficiently protected?

This work is extremely dangerous. The only reason that I am still alive is that God has done everything to protect me and that I can enjoy this protection as long as I am not risking too much. Even that being the case, my life has been very difficult and I have suffered many losses, especially on the level of my relatives. I have often needed to flee my old homes when spiritual persecution was mounting and becoming expressed in the physical world. I have been in prison-like situations again and again. I have been several times near the point of physical death because of attacks on my health. I don't like to speak about this too much because very few people understand it as these calamities are always triggered by invisible spiritual phenomena.

Now to speak out, is that safe? I do what I know from my prayers that I must do, but it always is a precarious situation and conditions can change by the day.

Question: What can we expect that awaits us in spirit world. There seem to be many dangers there.

How can we look in the future? I don't even know what I am going to do later today. It has been so often in my life that suddenly God's order came, start this, or give up that, or go living in another place. Will that be different in spirit world? God's cosmos is huge, very huge and the Providence of Restoration complex beyond any human comprehension. What is awaiting us? Who can say it? Maybe not even God knows it.

Sometimes earlier in my life I thought I had a good idea of the principles of the cosmos, of how God is going to build heaven, etc. But I had to give up my ideas so many times that now I let it be entirely open. Do we know what is the history of mankind? Do we know the history of angels, to mention one thing?

For example, would it not make sense that as God is united masculinity and femininity and God created man in God's image as man and woman, therefore God also created angels male and female? So where are the female angels? I found answers to that and shall one day publish about it. There's a world to be discovered just by asking that one question.

Our cosmos is huge and history is complex beyond any human comprehension. Let's just be open for whatever will come and make sure we always do the right thing. I have no absolute concepts beyond these.