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  • About one percent of Chinese households own one-third of the nation’s wealth, raising concerns about income inequality in the world’s most populous country, according to a study by Peking University.[1]
  • China will construct a "Chinese Christian theology" suitable for the country, state media reported on Thursday, as both the number of believers and tensions with the authorities are on the rise. China has between 23 million and 40 million Protestants, accounting for 1.7 to 2.9 per cent of the total population...[2]
  • China is pursuing anti-satellite capabilities China and is suggesting that it might consider orbital assets to be in play in a future conflict.[3]
  • A report about Chinese emigrants, and how they are controlled by the Chinese government[4]

- 64% of China's rich—defined as those with assets of more than $1.6 million—are either emigrating or planning to

- China's communist revolution was led, after all, by intellectuals schooled in Europe.
- A sprawling bureaucracy—the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council—exists to ensure that distance from the motherland doesn't dull their patriotism. Its goal is to safeguard loyalty to the Communist Party.
- Last year, the U.S. issued 6,895 visas to Chinese nationals under the EB-5 program, which allows foreigners to live in America if they invest a minimum of $500,000.
- ... campaign that works through overseas Chinese newspapers, websites (digital "New Chinatowns," in propaganda-speak), schools, youth groups and church organizations.
- "Chinese Australians are being lectured, monitored, organized and policed in Australia on instruction from Beijing as never before," wrote John Fitzgerald...
- Chinese buyers snapped up homes worth $22 billion in the year ending in March...

- 235,597 Chinese students on US campuses...

  • the frequent presence of Chinese ships in a disputed area of the South China Sea - Philippines[5]
  • Four years ago, China became Brazil’s leading trading partner, surpassing the U.S.[6]
  • Environmental pollution has reached alarming levels.[7]
  • China's rulers are increasingly promoting Confucius, a figure once reviled by Chairman Mao, as a symbol for modern China.[8]

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