Research pages


Research pages gives an overview of all research pages.

  • All research pages are characterized by the prefix: 'Research page:'. For example: Research page:XXX. Note: Don't place a space between the colon and the topic of the research page!
  • Research pages are pages with preparative notes for existing or not-yet-existing pages, topics or courses on Eagle Rock Wiki. Users can add external links to these pages, or their notes, or references to articles or books. Please always add a summary or summarizing quote of the content of each link, book or reference you are adding to these pages! If you compose a new research page, don't forget to place a link to the research page on already existing pages of ERW.
  • Always add the category 'Research pages' to each new Research page.
  • Do not attach other categories to Research pages. The categories are meant to include finished pages only. Instead add a link to the research page on pages in ERW that are related to the topic.