Spiritual differences between nations and tribes

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By John Eagles, September 24, 2004.

Compare the nations of this world with tribes of native peoples.

Most nations of the world are controlled by elected government officials. They usually make their way with the help of political parties and are frequently financially supported by business corporations, corporate media and organized religions. We don't expect much wisdom from them. We are almost never sitting at their feet for spiritual guidance.

In many native tribes leaders are chosen because everyone respects their experience in human relations and often their knowledge in relation to the Creator and the spiritual world. Tribe members are honored to learn from the wisdom of their elders.

Of course, not all governments of nations are always simply bad and not all native tribes are just good. But there is a definite spiritual difference here. What is this spiritual difference?

While a tribe naturally has grown out of human families, a nation is almost always the artificial product of battle and conquest. Either a new nation was formed because a larger empire conquered them, or later again, nations came into existence as split-offs from such a larger empire. Other nations are formed because one tribe gains external power over others. Exceptions to this demonstrate the rule.

In spirit world, nations are governed by angels. Tribes are governed by human spirits.

The angels that control nations are usually helped by human spirits who accept these angels as their leaders. In tribes, human spirits who are leading the tribes are very often helped by angels, but the angels usually are not in control.


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