The main force that unites the spiritual and physical worlds

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By John Eagles, June 16, 2006.

Before there was life on earth in the physical world, there was already life in spirit world. The creation of man can be seen as the conclusion of a long process of evolution of creations both in spirit world and in the physical world. That evolution has not ended today. The creative process is continuing and it is impossible to foretell what will come in the future.

The process of creation took billions of years. From the viewpoint of life in spirit world, human existence could be described in just a few words at the end of a long history book. Yet, because man was created at the pinnacle of evolving of life, man can also be seen as the crown of evolution.

At the same time, the evolutionary process has not been without setbacks. Many species of plants and animals have gone extinct. Man has made human history into a chain of wars and conflicts taking turns with periods of new development. In the past, some civilizations on earth have been much more aware of the reality of the spiritual. Also today, there are those on earth who know of the spiritual reality, but most civilizations of the present are very materialistic and as a result have no understanding of the spiritual dimension of life.

Before physical life existed there already was spiritual life. Physical life has come about because of a creative development in the spiritual world. The essence of development, whether it is in the spiritual world or in the physical, is creativity.

Creativity is the desire to make something new and better. Original creativity sprouts from a desire to love. I say 'original creativity' to refer to the connection with the loving Creator. There are also other types of creativity, which should not really be called like that, such as the development of weapons to murder or of devices to make our lives more shallow and estranged from the original beauty of nature.

The desire to create and give is what brings about the unity between the spiritual and the physical. From the spiritual world out, there is a desire to develop life in the physical dimension and this makes the spiritual descend on the physical. When you are in the physical world and you have deep desire to meet your ancestors who went to spirit world, you will somehow manage to pass the bridge between the two worlds. When your grand grandparents desire to give love and protection to their own children and descendants, they will go to you, stay with you and bring spiritual elements into the lives of their children on earth.

Love is really the main force that makes unity between the spiritual and the physical. When someone lives a shortsighted materialistic life in the physical world, he or she will not think much about the future of his or her own children and grandchildren. Such a person also will not bother to contemplate much on the life of his or her ancestors.

Love is the main force for unity between the spiritual and the physical world, and love expresses into many forms of creative thoughts. When you love someone, you want to give to that person. Your desire to give makes you creative in some way. Most creative people on earth have some awareness of a higher dimension of life. Those beings in spirit world who are creative will somehow find a way to make their presence known to certain people on earth.

The spiritual world and the physical world have been separated by thick concrete walls and steel doors that have been put up on the one side by shortsighted materialistic people in the physical world and on the other side by entities in spirit world who did not unite with God's creative plans or by spirits who ascended to the spiritual world after a life on earth that failed to prepare them well for their new spiritual home.