The reality of energies

Diagram of radio waves. Radio waves are invisible yet transform into audible sound by using a radio receiver.
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This article by John Eagles, January 16, 2007.

Everything in the universe can be reduced to energy. Scientists found out that the smallest physical particles can be understood as energy and because all physical things are made of such particles, everything is energy.

We all are aware of something in life that transcends the physical reality. Some people do not have a strong belief in the spiritual reality, but even they will admit that aspects of life such as love, music, art, culture cannot simply be understood as physical realities.

For myself, the spiritual reality is plainly there. As long as i remember i had spiritual experiences and meetings with many spirit beings. When i talk with someone in spirit world, it is not different than a conversation with a person on earth. Only the medium of communication is different than what we use in the physical world.

The spiritual world is controlled by energy in a more direct way than it is true for the physical world. To learn to live in spirit world, we must become aware of the reality of energies. Original love, love that comes from the Creator, is the highest energy in the cosmos. People who try to express their love in all that they do in the physical world will make the best possible preparation for life after physical death.

How much does energy affect our lives? When we look at the world of healing, we see that many physicians don't operate on this level. For them, the body is mainly a complicated machine with parts that can be repaired or exchanged. Because the machine is complicated, they may recognize the influence of the mind, but they also see the mind as just being a result of the working of the physical brain. Many healers work with energy. The word 'medicine' as used by Native Americans can also be understood as meaning a certain kind of good energy.

How real is the world of energy and how does it exactly work?

Angels have had a major part in the creation of our physical world. Assuming that they exist, how could they do it? Angels don't have physical bodies. They worked with all kind of energies and from these energies our physical world and all life has resulted. Some of these energies need millions of years before the result in the physical realm becomes visible, other energies work almost immediately.

How do such energies work? And what is their relation to the physical things? Think of radio waves. Radio waves is energy, but this energy contains information. There is a sender and there is a receiver of the radio waves. Once the radio waves have been broadcasted, the level of energy is transformed into physical effects. For example, you hear something on the radio and it may move you to certain actions. These actions take on a reality of its own. For example, someone hears beautiful music and is inspired to become a musician. This person buys a guitar and learns to play it. We see two levels of reality now: the first reality is that of the energy of the radio waves and the second reality is that of the person who is learning to play the guitar.

Once our bodies have been created out of energies. Our bodies still need energy to live, but a body is also a physical organism. We can understand a body on these two levels, that of the visible physical organs and that of the energies that caused the body to be there. The level of energy can be understood as causal while the level of physical things and organisms is one of effects.

The world of energy is rather mysterious but it also is a level that stands in a causal position to the world of visible and substantial things. Energy is not just energy. Already in the physical world we distinguish between a number of different energies. In fact, there are many more energies. There probably are more energies in the universe than there are things. The matter gets still more complicated when we know that information can be added to a certain type of energy. For example, information can be added to radio waves. Information can also be understood as energy. When we listen to the radio, we are under the influence of a composition of energies. The basic energy that carries the information are the radio waves, or electromagnetism. There is a carrier, the electromagnetic radio waves, and there is information that is carried by the radio waves.

I am sure that a similar pattern shows up for energies from the Earth. There is a basic energy, the energy of the Earth's gravity, and there are many other energies of the Earth that are carried by the basic earth energy.

The world of effects, that of visible substantial things, and the world of cause, that of energies, each have their own laws and reality. When someone lost a leg, you cannot recreate that leg with energy, though originally, all parts of our bodies were formed from energy. Yet there is also a level of existence that is entirely determined by energies.