Three auras

This page is part of an ERW course: Energy and wheels of energy.
This article by John Eagles, June 14, 2006.

The human body is not just a living organism, it also is an energy system. Compare this to an electrical wire that conducts an electrical current. What we see is the external wire; this compares to the body. The external wire has certain physical qualities. It takes space and it has a certain span of existence until it completely wears out. It also has a color, a form, a weight, a certain strength, flexibility etc. The real meaning of the electrical wire is not in these external characteristics. The meaning of the wire is that it conducts electrical energy.

Likewise, the real meaning of the human body is not firstly in the external characteristics but in the energies that it carries and gives out.

A human body is usually a combined physical body and spiritual body. In this article i will not elaborate on that because it makes it much more complicated. There would be many more situations to consider and it would raise questions about such topics as reincarnation. Here i look at the body simply as a living organism.

When an electrical current runs through a wire, it creates a magnetic field. The energy is in the wire, the field is around the wire. That field can be measured with instruments and some people are able to see a magnetic field. The energies that are in the body also have a field around them. Some people learned to see such an energy field as the aura of a person.

Each energy creates a field around it. The field can be seen as the area that is under direct influence of the energy. A human body is not just a physical machine. In the body is the mind of thoughts, feelings and will. The mind is steered by a heart of love.

The human body is formed from a collection of energies. Also the mind is formed from a number of energies. The heart is basically the heart of love and desires. We can distinguish body from mind and mind from heart because the energies that form each of them are rather distinct in nature, even though the heart, mind and body have a close relation and influence one another.

The body has an energy field or aura that can be seen as a grey layer of about one to two inches around the skin. When the body has an illness, it is visible in the aura of the body as a hole or a dark spot. The energy field of a healthy body shines more brightly than that of a sick individual. When the body dies, the energy field disappears.

The mind has an energy field or aura that shows all kind of colors. This energy field is commonly known as 'the aura.' The colors of the mind's aura are affected by the thoughts, feelings and plans of the person. It stretches out from the body until one foot or a few feet. The colors can be all those of the rainbow and all variations in between. Some people are trained in reading auras. The color of the aura says something about the nature of the mind of the person. Whole books are written about this topic. It is a large field of knowledge. The mind's aura does not only show a palette of colors, but also many forms, movements and shapes. For example, the aura of a person in rage might show flashes of red lightning going out from the head.

The source of the aura of the mind are the seven main chakras of the body. When you know how to interpret the mind's aura of a person, you can often see which chakras of that person were more or less developed.

The heart also has an aura. This field can better be felt than seen. It stretches out until about 20 yards from the body. The field transfers the feelings of love or hatred of a person that can be felt by anybody who comes in the field. The field is often blocked by energy barriers in the space surrounding a person. For example, when you are in one room with a person you may feel that person's heart energy field, but when you are in another room the energy fences around most rooms will partly or entirely block the field. It needs training to learn to notice a heart aura.

The three auras described are the main ones of the body. In literature about this topic sometimes more auras are distinguished. The spiritual self has its own aura that might be more or less distinct from the three auras just pictured. This field is sometimes called that of the astral body. Sometimes the aura field of the mind is described as three different fields, those of the will, the intellect and the emotions. In some literature there is mentioned an etheric body that also has its energy field. Sometimes these other auras are visible, sometimes not.

I just mention these other types of auras for the sake of completeness. For a first introduction it is easiest, though still difficult enough, to only distinguish the three auras i have described here. These are the energy fields of the body, the mind and the heart.