Thymelaeaceae is a cosmopolitan family of flowering plants composed of 50 genera and 898 species. Thymelaeaceae is in the order Malvales. Except for its sister relationship with Tepuianthaceae, little is known for sure about its relationships with the other families in the order. The family is more diverse in the southern hemisphere than in the northern, with its major concentrations of species in Africa and Australia. The genera are overwhelmingly African. The species include mostly trees and shrubs, with a few vines and herbaceous plants. Several genera are of economic importance. Gonystylus (Ramin), is valued for its hard, white wood. The bark of Edgeworthia and Wikstroemia is used as a component of paper. Daphne, is grown for its sweetly scented flowers. Species of Wikstroemia, Daphne, Phaleria, Dais, Pimelea and other genera are grown as ornamentals. Many of the species are poisonous if eaten.

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