Bee collecting pollen from elder flowers

Help honey bees survive the winter

Honeybees are far and away the most important pollinator in today's agricultural landscape.[1]

How can we help bees to survive the winter:

  1. Plant late bloomers - The article mentions asters and goldenrod. In my garden i also sow phacelia and borage in late summer. They can blossom until late September. I also sow rapeseed and mustard, which can blossom still much later.
  2. Avoid systemic pesticides.
  3. Encourage early spring blooms - For example flowering trees like maples and willows. I let my Brussels sprouts and kale stand until they blossom and these plants produce many flowers early in spring.

Starting with a new model beehive

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  1. Help honey bees survive this winter Huffington Post - by Heather Mattila, assistant professor of natural sciences at Wellesley College

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  • Ecoversity TV - Beekeeping In case you want to start keeping bees, this is a helpful series of videos. Practical and also with information that may be new to the experienced beekeeper. Shown is also a type of very simple box, top-bars hive, that you can easily make yourself and can be used as a beehive. Each video can be seen full screen by clicking on the link at the bottom of the video. That leads you to the video on YouTube. One of the videos in this series: