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Flowers of pear tree

Start a vegetable garden

This is an online course that teaches to set up a productive garden for a family or a small group. Main page: Start a vegetable garden.

Gardening seminars

Gardening seminars are short courses to make you familiar with a gardening topic. Several gardening seminars together constitute a larger gardening course.

Gardening topics

These gardening topics give more detailed information than what's given in the Gardening seminars

See Spiritual aspects of gardening for format of including chapters & tests.

Categories of gardening pages

Here is a list with the categories and subcategories and underlying pages that together form the knowledge base of the Gardening Courses.

Category:Gardening Includes not only all (sub)categories below but also all pages in the Gardening Courses.

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  1. Seminars on Eagle Rock Wiki are courses given about special topics. These seminars are set up in a systematic way to get familiar with or knowledgeable about a topic. Readers or students are invited to participate in various ways: to follow the schedule of the seminar from start to end, by studying and reading the given materials and by performing tasks when these are given, and also to participate in discussions by asking questions, making comments and giving replies or suggestions.
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