The cucumber originates in India but is now grown around the world. Depending on the cultivar you can grow them in a greenhouse, a cold frame or outside. In April you can sow inside, in May until June 21 also outside.

Cucumbers like humus-rich soil and ample compost. A temperature of 70 F (21 C) when the plant grows up gives stronger plants and better results.

Most varieties have seeds. Male and female flowers grow at the same plant and pollination is required. Professional growers bring hives with honey bees to the fields. If you have too few insects in your own garden you can grow bee plants or spray sugar water to attract them.

Water the plants well. Cucumbers need much water and in dry circumstances the fruits get bitter.

Squeeze off the top after the fourth leaf and the branches again after the third leaf. This stimulates the plant to give more fruits. Harvest them when they are young. This stimulates the plant to form new flowers.


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