Dealing with spiritual attacks 1 - Make notes and pray or meditate

Cultures have different ways of warding off evil spirits. Here is shown the Shisa dance in Okinawa. The Shisa is a dog-type creature to ward off evil spirits.
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By John Eagles, August 21, 2007.

Some spiritual problems can be severe and need much time and effort and are extremely difficult to overcome.

The first that should be determined is if your problem was indeed caused by a spiritual attack. Some cases are rather clear, like when someone hears voices or when you feel the presence of spiritual beings. When you are more experienced in this you will know it when you are spiritually attacked. If you are less spiritually experienced, you may want to ask guidance from a reliable person who knows about such things. Hallucinations caused by chemical agents are not always spiritual experiences, they could also be just sensations elicited by the physical brain.

An example from what seems to be a spiritual attack but which is not, is when you have read a book or watched a movie about creepy, black things and afterward you get a nightmare related to this. In some cases what seems to haunt you may just be caused by the energies that you picked up. This is rather easy to check. Put the book away, do something positive like going out in nature and these energies will leave you and the nightmares won't return.

If the problem does not leave you in this way, it may be that something from spirit world bothers or haunts you. I always try to approach this in a positive way. When something spiritually troubles you, there is a lesson to learn and a victory to be made. There always is a reason why such things happen. Never think that spiritual difficulties happen without reason. There always is a reason and when you discover this you will gain from it in your personal development.

But you also always have to be very careful. It can be dangerous to try to handle more than you can. In the spiritual reality it is always difficult to know your own strength. It is also very hard to make a good estimate of what you are dealing with.

Think also of the following: when you really are spiritually attacked, you can expect that when you begin to resist this the attackers will increase their efforts. This means that in many cases the problem gets worse before it gets better.

The first that i always do in case that i suspect to be attacked is to observe and meditate and pray and contemplate. I keep a diary in which i make note of everything that is worth writing down. To make notes in a diary is extremely important. I cannot emphasize this enough. Write down what you feel or observe spiritually! Write it down when you have strange thoughts. Also write down your daily activities and what happens around you.

Your diary will soon become your best weapon. The problem with spiritual phenomena is that they often are very confusing, especially when you are under attack. The energies coming to you are not your own and will often cause a lot of disorder in your thoughts and feelings and eventually in your entire life. It also is in the nature of spiritual attacks that they are meant to confuse you. When you get confused you cannot fight back anymore. Therefore, the first important is that you do something to overcome that confusion.

Make notes and read them again after some time. Then pray and meditate about what is happening. Try to discover patterns. You really have to be a kind of detective and over time certain things will begin to make sense. You will begin to see connections which you did not see before. I will write more about this in particular, but for now i want to emphasize that there always are reasons for spiritual attacks and that you can discover them by keeping notes and by praying and meditating about these all the time. If there is someone who can help you and give you advise, then make good use of this. I have often noticed that just by telling about my experiences to another person i gained new insight, sometimes through what the other person saw and sometimes because i discovered things myself by talking about it while trying to make sense of it all.

One advice which i still want to give: don't panic. Whatever haunts you, you will be able to overcome it in time and you will be able to make your advantage in the process. Just relax, let things come over you and observe what happens to you. If things feel like getting too much, do something very normal, talk to a friend about common things, make a walk outside, do something physical like working in the garden or sporting. Try to get enough sleep so your mind and body won't get too exhausted. What always helps me in such cases is prayer to God. Think of positive things, think of good love.

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