Dealing with spiritual attacks 2 - Causes

In Sri Lanka, Sanni masks were worn by dancers in healing ceremonies to expel evil spirits. The masks represent either the demon causing the disease or the malady itself.
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By John Eagles, September 3, 2007.

The main reason why people sometimes have to deal with spiritual attacks is because the spiritual reality exists and just like it is true in the physical reality, those around us sometimes could behave as friends or sometimes as enemies. How the physical world around you responds to you, or how you perceive this, is partly a matter of your own mentality and for another part we are confronted with a reality which is not under our direct control.

Because the physical reality is very much a reflection and an expression of the spiritual dimension, we can conclude that the spiritual world is very similar to the physical world. Some people perceive the world around them to be rather friendly, but other people are born in countries that are in war. A similar diverse spectrum can be expected for the spiritual dimension.

When you have never been in war it is difficult to understand the feelings of a person whose life is filled with conflicts. Some people don't even have the faintest clue what spiritual attacks entail, while other people had to deal with it since their early youth.

Here i want to explain more about causes and reasons for spiritual attacks. Spiritual attacks may occur because there is a spiritual reality and in this spiritual reality, not everything and everyone is friendly. What is around you spiritually is mainly determined by:

  1. What is connected to you
  2. What you are doing
  3. The course that you are going in life.

What is connected to you

You are physically connected to people around you, to a certain culture, to certain things. These physical connections do also exist spiritually. When you are born in a certain tribe, you are also spiritually living in that tribe. When this tribe has certain enemies, chances are that you will be confronted with spiritual enemies of your tribe. When you make friends with a group or person living in a certain spiritual atmosphere, you will experience something of the spiritual reality of that group or person. When you go living in a house in which bad things happened in the past, you will very likely be confronted with the spiritual history of that house. The list of your connections could be sheer endless. The family and culture in which you were born, people you meet, things you buy, books you read, these all have impact on your spiritual situation.

What you are doing

Your actions are evaluated not only by the physical world around you, but also by the spiritual world. While people often can hide their actions for their physical environment, this is not possible for the spiritual world. For example, if someone secretly stole something, the physical environment may be unaware of this theft, but in spirit world it is known and from there they may try to teach a lesson or simply want this person to return the stolen things. All our deeds have spiritual consequences. We cannot do something what is really hidden, because spiritually always traces are left and there is often a spiritual reaction to such traces.

The course you are going in life

With this i don't just mean what you are doing in life, but the course you are planning, the future you have intended for yourself. Let's assume that a person is born in a country where great injustice is done to the people, and this person at a certain point in his or her youth determines to do something about that injustice. Even though the actions of this person are not yet visible to the people, in spirit world already the intentions can be seen. The person who makes such a commitment comes in a new and difficult spiritual situation and needs to fight through many spiritual ordeals, because he or she made the pledge for a righteous course in life. When you make a good and new commitment in life, you may expect that you have to go through spiritual difficulties right after that. Whether you can or cannot make victory over such spiritual ordeals will determine the success or failure of your later actions.


When you understand more about the cause of a spiritual affliction, you will be able to handle yourself better. The main thing is to understand the significance of what happens to you and to keep a positive attitude as much as possible. Not all what seems to be a spiritual attack is really an attack, because there could be a hidden positive message for you. Not all from spirit world which appears to be positive is necessarily good.

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