Designing a circled garden

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By John Eagles, June 3, 2006.

In a former article [1] i spoke about circled gardens. If you didn't yet read that entry you may first want to do it to know what i am writing about here.

On the picture below you see an example of a rectangular garden area. There is one existing tree in it. An adjacent traffic road is bothering you because of the agitated energies and noises. You or someone else discovered a good underground energy line going through your garden. You found this out with a pendulum or a divining rod. Let's assume the energy line is a water line. It could also be an energy line of another nature, like a leyline. How could we design this garden, taking into account the existing situation and applying some good principles?

Designing circled garden 1.jpg

Your design depends of course very much on what kind of garden you want. I am only giving some suggestions here to illustrate some principles.

In the drawing below you see the design. How could you solve the problem of the traffic road? You could make some kind of buffer there in the form of bushes. These bushes are also perfect to smooth the rough edges in the corners of your garden. You could apply all kind of bushes for this purpose. Here i put wild roses at the outer edge. They do a few things. Their flowers will smell nice and people passing by the road will enjoy them. That makes them have good feelings about your garden and that will make you feel better while being in it. At the same time, the roses form a fence. They will grow closely together and their prickles keep unwanted visitors out.

Behind the line of roses you put other shrugs. Pick the ones you like, for their berries, for their flowers, what ever you like. You put some bushes in the other corners as well, to shape your garden more circular.

Designing circled garden 2.jpg

How can you make use of the existing energy line? I came up here with the idea to divide the garden in two ellipses complementing each other. Call the one circle yin and the other circle yang.

The outer lines of the two beds should catch the energy from the underground energy line. You could do this by taking plants with deep roots. If you just plant them without thinking much, there won't happen a lot. You should plant or sow them with awareness of what you're doing. You concentrate on the existing energy line and with your mind you tell the plant or seed to connect to the energy line. In that way you connect the plant's energy with that of the energy line.

Energy is controlled with a function of your mind that could be called awareness. When you are conscious of what you do and what you want, you effect the energies around you. Plant each tree, sow each seed, cut each branch with awareness of what you wish the tree or seed or bush to do. In that way your garden becomes a creation of energies. This will highly influence the atmosphere in your garden.

Determine what character each bed should get and pick plant species to suit the nature of the bed. I didn't put in any paths through the garden yet. This is a very preliminary design. Paths have a large effect on your garden, externally so you can go where you want to go and internally because each path transports energies, often from outside your garden.

Work in your garden with pleasure. While you do it, think of the people you love and who you want to enjoy your garden. The result will be great at any rate.

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