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By Kefa N. Mkombola.
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Chapter 1: The Principoetry of Creation Duality (CoP).png Creation can tell us so much about God, All you have to do is to decipher it like a secret code. Hear, smell, touch, taste and see things it has forever told. It teaches all people irrespective of age, young or old. So let me tell you some of its secrets, jump on board. Nov. 10, 2008
Chapter 2: The Human Fall Islamic Adam & Eve.jpg We know for sure our ancestors Adam and Eve fell, That’s why instead of living in heaven we are living in hell. We think we are free but in reality we are in jail. The punishment they got was what they deserved after the fruit they ate. They denied God when they decided to listen to the snake. Nov. 13, 2008
Chapter 3: Eschatology and Human History Moon, 3 days before last quarter.jpg Eschatology refers to the doctrine of the last days, It is intertwined with human history, its direction and its destination ahead, If we have been keen, we notice that history usually repeats certain trends. Moon losing its light, the sun being darkened, will this literally take place? And will the stars also fall down; will there be the raising of the dead? Nov. 10, 2008
Chapter 4: The Messiah, His Advent and the Purpose of His Second Coming CristoNovak.jpg The word “Messiah” in Hebrew means the “anointed one” signifying a king, The chosen people of Israel were expecting a similar person as the prophets revealed, Thus Jesus Christ came, “Christ” meaning Messiah in Greek, His purpose was to make sure that God’s work of salvation was fulfilled, Man and God back together, a relationship that needed to be healed. Nov. 10, 2008
Chapter 5: Resurrection Brooklyn Museum - The Resurrection (La Résurrection) - James Tissot.jpg In the Last Days we expect that Jesus will come again, That this will be followed by the resurrection of the bodies of the saints, Bodies buried in the earth will be reconstituted to their original state, The revival of their bones, the revival of their flesh, We as a people of faith, this we must accept. Nov. 13, 2008
Chapter 6: Predestination Datestone from former chapel building, Chapel Lane, Golcar - geograph.org.uk - 408435.jpg Predestination is a controversial topic with many people, That our Heavenly Father who sees all, Controls every aspect of man’s life-season, Prosperity and decline, all things great and little, Pass as predestined by God who’s like a director in our life’s sequel.
Chapter 7: Christology Fridolin Leiber - Holy Trinity.jpg Christology studies the relationship between God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, It also studies the relationship of man in regards to this Trinity. We begin by looking at the original value of man, his divinity, This being the foundation for Christology, for now and eternity,

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