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Underlying topic(s): A Foundation of Faith big enough to receive the Messiah, Adam and 3 archangels and the tetrahedron, Becoming a body of truth, Can sin be inherited, Complexities of restoration processes over the generations, Divine Principle Poems, Doing research to find truth, Egypt, the wilderness and Canaan in our own lives, Family lines of heavenly restoration, GOD’S LOVE AND FALSE LOVE (for children), How to find deeper truth, Inviting the Divine into your life, Making the Foundation of Faith substantial, Mediators between higher and lower entities, Offering and the relationship to God, Only your maximal effort builds a Foundation of Faith, Resurrection explained, Rrethi i kujdesit, Some principles concerning restoration of blood lines, Some thoughts about lineage, Spirituality and the vertical dimension, Substantiating your faith, The Circle of Care, The Four-Position Foundation - for children (video), The concept of sin reconsidered, The field of tension between faith and fall, The forces in the universe, The ideal world is being built, The internal fall and faith, The magnificent human body, The original sin of the angels, The spiritual aspects of God's creations are eternal gifts of love, truth and energy, The spiritual nature of sin, The story of the trees - for children, The truth is one, The younger inspires and the elder protects, Three-dimensional structure of the internal cosmos, Truth's home is the heart of God, Të ftosh hyjnoren në jetën tënde, What is truth?, Your own contribution to your own resurrection

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, child's drawing
A series of articles written by John Eagles.

Divine Principle means principles coming from God. The articles listed here are organized according to topics.

Introduction to the Divine Principle

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What is truth? Truth - Light - DP by John Eagles.jpg Because God is alive, God's Truth also is alive. Because God is absolute, God's Truth also is absolute. Because God is eternal, God's Truth also is eternal. Because God is unique, God's Truth also is unique. Because God is growing, God's Truth also is growing. Because God’s wish is to make us pure, God’s Truth also is purifying. 1999
The ideal world is being built Cole Thomas The Garden of Eden 1828.jpg An ideal world is possible and is coming into being because God planned an ideal world and God is Absolute. The reason that people often lost faith in the Ideal is because they were defeated by the force that also destroyed God's original world. That force is strong, but not unbeatable. 1999
The truth is one The truth is one.jpg The more that we go from internal to external, the more all is split and diversified. The world on the level of things, human beings and animals and plants and all that is made from minerals, is very heterogeneous. March 13, 2008
Truth's home is the heart of God Truths home is the heart of God.jpg Long ago God was alone. It was so long ago that it cannot be measured how long. Time did not yet exist and God was alone. I call God 'God' because God was not Creator yet. Can you imagine how alone you are when nothing else is there? Aug. 24, 2006
Doing research to find truth Research cycle.png 1. The truth is often convoluted by misrepresentation of facts. Only by diving more deeply into the information that is available, we can discover the truth that is behind. This is a process of separating truth from lies and it takes time and effort. 2011

The Triune Ideal

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Spirituality and the vertical dimension Steins Pillar.jpg As i promised you, i shall elaborate on another dimension of the cosmos to put spirituality into context. This will help us to get a better understanding of the concept of spirituality. In a former entry I described spirituality as one direction in a dimension in that it is placed together with the physical world. The spiritual world and the physical world constitute one dimension of the cosmos. May 31, 2006
Three-dimensional structure of the internal cosmos 3-dimensional structure of cosmos.jpg Here i want to propose some ideas for how the internal cosmos could be structured. With 'internal cosmos' is meant: the cosmos understood by looking at the main characteristics of everything in the cosmos. Why would the inner structure of the cosmos be three-dimensional, or four-dimensional when we add the dimension of time? Oct. 30, 2006
The Circle of Care The sun1.jpg One major goal of religious life is to reach some kind of perfection of our individuality. People strive for perfection of all kind of aspects of their being. When you are a sportsman or -woman your goal for perfection may be to become a champion in your sport. When you are a scientist you may strive for perfection of your knowledge in a certain field. Nov. 2, 2006

Principles of creation

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Mediators between higher and lower entities Deyrah06.jpg There is a principle valid in the universe which says that each created entity can only fulfill its purpose of creation by keeping a good mediating relation with higher and lower entities. To make you more clear about this principle, and what it means for each of us, let's look at the example of a cow. Oct. 19, 1998
The forces in the universe Gravitymacroscopic.svg Mibil is a pseudonym, not the real name of the angel who gave this revelation. To understand about forces of nature, such as gravity and electricity and forces working on the smallest level of atoms it is not enough to only look at the physical level. July 29, 2006
The magnificent human body God2-Sistine Chapel.png The human body is the most valuable and most beautiful creation in the physical world. There is nothing comparable in the universe. From an external viewpoint, it is a magnificent instrument, capable of highest intellectual, emotional, sensitive, motorial, energetic and artistic achievement. Feb. 28, 2008
Becoming a body of truth God is Truth.jpg The universe is built according to logical laws and principles. This is the reason why scientists can discover and describe such laws and why many physical events are predictable. Also all our technology is based on understanding cosmic principles. March 8, 2008
Adam and 3 archangels and the tetrahedron Tetrahedron.jpg The Divine Principle teaches that Adam (or Eve) needs three archangels for spiritual protection. Here i want to study this understanding from viewing what is a regular tetrahedron. July 21, 2009
The spiritual aspects of God's creations are eternal gifts of love, truth and energy Forestt.jpg God created the universe and all beings and things. God created this from love. We also say that all beings and things originally are bodies of God's truth, expressing the fact that there is design and principle in all that God created. We know that all that exists is basically energy, therefore it is also correct to state that all beings and things are expressions of God's energy. Jan. 15, 2010
The Four-Position Foundation - for children (video) & Text The 4-18.jpg All that exists was made by God and is connected to God. God works through the unity between one of God's creations and another one in order to make something new. For example, through a father and a mother a new child is created. God, father, mother and child form four positions who ideally are united in God. April 2, 2010 Video

The spiritual world

Main article: Divine Principle - The spiritual world

The fall

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The original sin of the angels Domenico Beccafumi - Fall of the Rebel Angels - WGA01545.jpg There has been said much about the sins of man, but little about the sins of angels. Like Adam and Eve committed an original sin, so also Lucifer committed an original sin. These original sins are not exactly the same. The original sin of Adam and Eve was their spiritual fall under Lucifer and then their physical fall with each other, which both took place under the spiritual dominion of Lucifer. The essence of the original sin of man is that man fell under the dominion of Lucifer, that man began to accept Lucifer as their god and father and therefore lost faith in their own identity of being God’s children. April 2, 2001
The spiritual nature of sin Lucifer3.jpg Many tend to think of sin as doing something wrong. Doing something wrong can be sinful, but the primary nature of sin is spiritual. Sins are actions, feelings, thoughts, plans and desires that are done without God. But they aren't done simply without God, they are instigated or controlled by a force that attempts to live without God or that tries to tower above God. This force comes from the spirit world primarily. Dec. 12, 2010
The concept of sin reconsidered Pillar of Shame in Orange Color @ HKU 35.jpg In the modern world many of us reject the notion of sin. The concept is seen as connected to putting upon us heavy loads of feelings of guilt. Those using the word sin usually want to tell us that we all are sinners and therefore we should repent and join a religious group and fulfill our duties there. That's not the understanding of sin that i have. But is it necessary to reject the idea altogether? Aug. 18, 2006
Can sin be inherited 12th-century unknown painters - Creation Adam and the Original Sin - WGA19757.jpg The word 'sin' is mainly used in the field of religion. It's not a very popular word. I believe that this is mainly because religions have misused the concept very much. Most religions simply define sin as something that is done against the rules of that religion. When the concept of sin is used like that, it functions for these religions to keep control over their believers. Aug. 20, 2006


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Your own contribution to your own resurrection Vision of Ezekiel.jpg How can you or how can i contribute to your or my own resurrection? Resurrection is resurrection of the spirit. That we speak about 're'-surrection is to stress the fact that the spirit is not in the state it should be in. When there would not be obstructive forces in the universe, everyone's spirit would just grow normally like a tree that is treated well and has access to all necessary nutrients. Aug. 8, 2006
Resurrection explained MNMA, Resurrection dead.JPG Here i shall explain a little about resurrection. Resurrection should always be understood in a spiritual way. Physical bodies don't get resurrected. Once they have gone to dust, dust they remain. Aug. 8, 2006

Principles of restoration

See also: Home Church and Internal Guidance, section Restoration
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The internal fall and faith Foster Bible Pictures 0030-1.jpg From God’s love there came God’s desire to make good creations. God’s love was the motivation for creating the whole universe. If God’s love had not been there, then nothing would have come into existence. All creations, everything that is made, begin somewhere in the heart of someone. Good creations have their origin in a loving heart, and bad creations have their source in a hateful heart. April 6, 2001
A Foundation of Faith big enough to receive the Messiah Aivazovsky - Descent of Noah from Ararat.jpg It is the most important thing in life that we build a foundation of faith. It is the essence of religious life that we build a foundation of faith. A foundation of faith is something internal. Nobody could see if you have strong faith. Only by judging the actions of someone looking at it from the historical perspective, it is possible to find out if someone had faith. We conclude that Noah was a man of faith because he built the ark that saved his family. April 10, 2001
The field of tension between faith and fall Bosch Last Judgement Detail.jpg People yearn for all kind of things. Some people want to become rich, others want to get famous. There are people who want to gain much knowledge, but those people who have chosen to get much faith have really made the best choice of all. When you have decided that to gain faith is the highest you could reach in life, then you did not only choose for faith, but once you have built a good relation with God, God will give you all the other blessings of life just for free. April 12, 2001
Making the Foundation of Faith substantial Substantial gate posts - geograph.org.uk - 1478555.jpg Faith is internal. Faith in God is the most important in life, but if the internal faith is not made substantial, then faith is going to be lost again. It is a very natural thing, that faith is made into something substantial. From God’s love, everything was created. By having trust in God, by loving God, that is by having faith, we inherit God’s love, and just like God’s creations came from God’s love, so from our faith there will and must come creations. April 14, 2001
Only your maximal effort builds a Foundation of Faith River Beauty.jpg To make a Foundation of Faith, to make the most important vertical relation to God, you must give 100 % of your efforts. How are you trying to reach God’s Ideal? How are you trying to fulfill the Foundations of Faith, Substance and to receive the Messiah? Are you doing this with a minimum of your effort or with maximal endeavor? Only the maximal effort will build your Foundation of Faith. April 20, 2001
Substantiating your faith Section of house, "Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park," Colorado, 1941., 1941 - NARA - 519946.jpg What i am writing about here is really about ordinary life, that is: life as it should be. Religion is not firstly to be a member of an organization or to attend religious services. Religion is practicing love and understanding how to do that. It's getting to know about all aspects of life and learning how to live it well. August 12, 2006
How to find deeper truth Taiwanese Bible Chim-gian 1933.jpg The meaning of our lives is rather much a thing of discovering truth. If we would not be able to understand deeper truth, we would rather live like animals. Life gets exciting and fulfilling when we discover new truth each day and learn to practice it. Practicing truth is how we grow internally and spiritually and harmoniously. Just like our external world has entirely changed by inventions that scientists made and by the application of new technologies, so we can develop our spiritual life by finding new truth. August 13, 2006
Inviting the Divine into your life Changchun-Temple-Burning-incense-0299.jpg In our battled world we continue to ask why it is so dark around us and so far away from the divine sparks that we recognize in our own hearts and the hearts of many others. We have a desire for an ideal of goodness in that people love each other, but these ideal desires do already conflict with more mundane wishes that also can be found in our hearts. August 16, 2006
Family lines of heavenly restoration Abraham-And-The-Three-Angels.jpg The principle of restoration that must be applied to restore God's ideal is based on attempts to unify two brothers in a family. For all kind of reasons, in a family, certain children are more claimed by black angels and spirits, others by gray angels, again others by white angels, and very seldom children can be claimed by God. |Aug. 27, 2006
The younger inspires and the elder protects Contre-jour on english south coast arp.jpg A new child is born in a house and something really wonderful happens. A natural miracle of love and harmony occurs that teaches us a principle that we so often tend to forget. A child is born and everyone is inspired. Elder brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents and friends, they all want one thing: to be inspired by the newborn. Jan. 27, 2007
Egypt, the wilderness and Canaan in our own lives David Roberts-IsraelitesLeavingEgypt 1828.jpg We all go through stages in our lives that are comparable to the course of the Israelites who after they left slavery in Egypt went through the wilderness to eventually enter the promised land of Canaan. Personally I find the account of this part of the history of the Jewish people one of the most meaningful of the Bible. The deeper we understand this story, the more we can recognize the stages of this course in our own lives. Oct. 16, 2009
Some thoughts about lineage Thoughts about lineage.jpg Mankind began as an original lineage with the birth of Adam and Eve. Although their lineage was unstained from the start, their fall led to a problematic succession. In the lineage of Adam and Eve, all their descendants were born with the task to restore the problems left in the line of Adam and Eve. I am sure that God must have worked hard to restore mankind through the generations. Aug. 29, 2009
Israel and the task to make victory over angels Jacob-angel.jpg Adam and Eve could not reach perfection because instead of taking dominion over the world of angels, they were influenced by angels and began to look up to them as if they were God. It is the task of Adam and Eve to restore themselves to the positions of restored Adam and restored Eve. This can only be accomplished in a process of restoration in which Adam and Eve must win a battle over angels. Dec. 28, 2009
Some principles concerning restoration of blood lines Waldenbuch-Stufenalter der Frau52657a.jpg 'When man was created, already the angels existed. We know the fall of man to be one of an invasion by angels. Man came under the influence of fallen angels and man's situation, man's heart, mind and body were affected by their fall. A main result of the fall of man is what we call original sin. Jan. 7, 2010
The meaning of a temple from the spiritual viewpoint Temple Amsterdam 1685.jpg Each religion has always built temples. We can understand temples on different levels, for example as centers of religious worship, as places of offering, as a representation in symbol or image of microcosm man or of the macrocosm, and as a foundation in the spiritual world. Here i shall focus on the meaning of a temple from the spiritual viewpoint. Feb. 13, 2010
Complexities of restoration processes over the generations File:Ancestors of Richard James Winstock.JPG Restoration is a very complex thing as we attempt to overcome the problems of our ancestors and find ourselves in misty parallels to situations we didn't even know about.Let's try to understand how restoration works. Nov. 14, 2010
The correct order needed for the Foundation of Faith Foster Bible Pictures 0073-1 Offering Up a Burnt Sacrifice to God.jpg The fall meant that the universal order as created by God was turned upside down. Lucifer the angel, who should have been object to Adam the child of God, became subject to Adam. Always fall means that the original subject-object order is turned upside down, and restoration of faith means that the original subject-object order is restored. March 11, 2011
Offering and the relationship to God Stiftshuette Modell Timnapark.jpg It is through the bringing of offerings that we maintain and develop a good relationship with God. 'The bringing of offerings,' this sounds somewhat loaded, but actually here is meant something entirely normal. How do we maintain a relationship with other people? It is by the continuous bringing of offerings. June 26, 2012

History of restoration

Main article: Divine Principle - History of restoration

The Last Days

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Lonely seekers in a frenzied world William Blake - The Gambols of Ghosts According with their Affections Previous to the Final Judgment.jpg While i prepare this blog i watch the news on BBC and CNN and i see the turmoil of a world gone mad. The wars that go on or threaten to come demonstrate the defeat of the moral institutions that have been set up during the past 2,000 years or more. Most people seem to walk in line with the mainstream, simply believe what is told to them on the news, take up their arms when they are sent to war. Aug. 22, 2006

Guest contributions

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Divine Principle Poems Kefa 20100124.jpg Kefa N. Mkombola

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