Energy auras of plants

Wild tobacco flower
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By John Eagles, June 8, 2011.

This is part of a series of reports on my ongoing research into the spiritual meaning of plants. This note is based on preliminary findings and should be seen more as a stimulant to explore an unknown field of knowledge than as carrying conclusive facts.

We have been working with one plant in particular to study its energetic properties. It's an ornamental tobacco plant. My own plants are only just beyond the stage of seedling, therefore i show a photo here that i got from the internet of a regular tobacco plant.When i write 'we' i mean myself and some people in the spirit world with whom i am doing this project together. I cannot show the original plant that is object of our research as it now grows in the spirit world after a ceremony of offering.

This particular plant has been and is given extra care to bring back the original energetic qualities. Most plants now on earth don't have these original energetic qualities anymore. I don't know how exactly these energetic qualities got lost in the course of history. It may be partly due to ignorance, partly because of people messing around with plants and using them for lower materialistic purposes. When a plant is taken well care of, its energy qualities can improve greatly. This can be seen by some people whose spiritual senses developed for this particular way of seeing. Here follows a listing of some major energy connections and fields of each plant:

  1. There is an energetic connection to the earth. This connection of course goes through the roots of the plant.
  2. There is an energetic connection to 'heaven' or the cosmos. This connection goes through the leaves and flowers and fruits.
  3. There is an inner energy channel that runs through the stem, connecting the earth and heaven energy inputs.
  4. There is an energy field that surrounds the entire body of the plant and that is very near to the plant, extending maybe from one to a few cm. This energy field protects the plant and is strong when the plant is healthy.
  5. There is an energy field around the plant that extends for maybe a few meters. Through this energy field the plant connects to its environment, shares of its own energies and receives energies from neighboring plants and other objects and beings in the environment.
  6. There is an energy field that extends very far and that connects to all other plants of the same species around the globe.

Note that all living beings, also humans, have similar energy connections in and fields around their bodies.

This listing of 6 energy connections and fields is based on observations. I'm presently trying to get deeper understanding of how these connections and fields are related to one another.

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