Exercises for children

From eagle-rock.org
This exercise is part of Divine Body Practice
Exercises by or assembled by John Eagles.

Angry cat

0422 Angry cat.jpg

Stand up, bend forward with your legs and arms straight and touch the floor. Keep this position and walk with your legs backward and then forwards until you walk through between your hands. And back. (By Ming Li)

Pushing or pulling hands

Pushing & pulling hands 120810.jpg

Two children stretch their arms and stand face to face holding their hand palms to each other. They push to move the other child from its position. The one who first makes a step looses.

To get strength and also to learn to adapt to the other person's pull and energy.

Variation: Instead of pushing, pull!

Catch the wind

Children - Catch the wind.jpg

Stand like a tree and move your arms simultaneously waving up above your head and down again. Imagine that your arms are branches with leaves catching wind energy.

This exercise is to stretch your body but also a beginner's exercise to learn to take in good energies from nature.

Children - The walking bridge

Children - The walking bridge.jpg

Lay yourself on your back and place your hand palms on the floor above (behind) your shoulders, near your head. Walk your hands closer to your feet until your body makes a bridge with the belly upwards.

I cannot do this exercise myself but i sometimes try.

Swirling stretches

Swirling stretches.jpg

In standing position, swirl one arm as far as you can around your body, on different heights of the body. Then swing the arm in the opposite direction around your body.

Do the same with your legs.

Two children pulling hands in sitting position

Children or partners Sitting, stretched legs, pulling hands.jpg

Two children or adults sit facing each other with stretched legs, feet touching. They hold each other's hands and pull, in different variations.

  • One child pulls the other child until buttocks are off from the floor.
  • Pull both only with right or left hands.
  • Try to pull suddenly to move the other out of position.
  • One person tries to exhaust the other.


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