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Principles and exercises for the Divine body

Here are shared principles and exercises to train develop our divine body. With body is not only meant the physical body, but also the spirit body. Therefore, there is emphasis on learning to recognize and work with energy or 'chi.'

Our body doesn't function without our mind, and our mind needs no distractions from lower purposes in life, but preferably is centered on higher purposes in life. This is the case when the mind is directed by the heart and the heart by our Creator, the God of love.

All animals naturally exercise and keep their bodies healthy. How much more do we need our daily exercising. The principles of Divine Body Practice are to teach us and the exercises to develop us in our understanding and abilities of being Divine.

Possibly here are many exercises of which you don't see much use by reading them, or even after having tried them out. Know that in Divine Body Practice we are aiming at continuing perfection of the body. The body cannot be trained well without regarding the other aspects of our existence, these are the realities of God, the heart, the mind, the spiritual, and the world of energy.

We don't exist as individuals. We always are in relationship to others. Divine Body Practice also has many exercises that incorporate this relationship. We exercise because we wish to become better people with more heart and ability to love others. In that sense, the training aims to be complete, although it always is a body training.

It is advised to frequently repeat many of the exercises , especially the ones that focus on energy abilities. Even the simplest exercise can teach you the most advanced skills, or at least be a base for this.

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Coordination & balance

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Energy exercises & principles

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Exercises for children

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  1. Pushing or pulling hands
  2. Catch the wind

Stretching exercises

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