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Garlic 111221.JPG

November 2011 - I planted this garlic from cloves. Here the plants are shown two months later.

Garlic sown from seed Jan 2012.JPG

January 2012 - Garlic plant in greenhouse, grown from seed. Did also not grow very well after this. Climate too cold and in a greenhouse garlic doesn't grow as soon as the weather gets hotter.

Garlic fter frost 120217.JPG

February 17, 2012 - These are the plants that were planted in autumn, but after a strong period of frost, most of them died.

Garlic greenhouse after frost 120217.JPG

February 17, 2012 - The same plants, planted in November last year, but these ones survived in the greenhouse.

Garlic 120618 (2).JPG

June 18, 2012 - Again one of the same plants that were planted in November last year. Almost all of them died in the frost, this is one of a few remaining but it did not grow very big.

Garlic 120909.JPG

September 9, 2012 - I've often tried to grow garlic, without much success. Garlic needs a long growing period and a warmer climate. In principle garlic can withstand frost in winter, but last year my garlic planted in late autumn froze to death in a very cold February.

This year i tried planting garlic in a soil enhanced with more than an average amount of compost. The garlic you see on the photo is only 10 weeks old and the biggest bulb is as large as the ones you buy in shops. The greens can still be consumed from these garlic plants. So it seems i found my way with garlic. Next year i'll plant them earlier, but also again in very rich soil to make them grow very fast.

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