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Gherkins and commercial cucumbers belong to the same species (Cucumis sativus), but are from different cultivar groups.

You sow gherkins in May and June. Sow in a cold frame, in pots or in a greenhouse, or outside from the end of May. Sow 3 seeds together and keep the strongest. Gherkins needs full sun and a humus-rich fertile soil, with a preferred pH of 5.6 (rather acid). Plant distance: 40 cm in the row, 90 cm between the rows.

Pinch off the top above the fourth leaf and from the side branches the tops after the third leaves. This increases the production of fruits.

Make sure that pollination takes place, normally by bees. You can spray sugar water to attract bees. You can also use a brush to bring pollen from the male flowers into the female ones.

Harvest is from July to October. By harvesting the young gherkins the plants will produce more fruits. You can conserve gherkins in vinegar and add sugar, honey and various herbs.


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