Common horsetail. It grows wild in and near my garden close to water. It's a very old species of plants and it contains much silicon, which makes the plant feel like you touch glass. It is suitable to make a liquid fertilizer that, sprayed over the plants, not only feeds them but also protects them against moulds and other diseases that can affect vegetables.

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  • This plant is also used to treat kidney and bladder problems, gastro-enteritis, and prostate and urinary infections.
  • The buds are eaten as a vegetable in Japan and Korea in spring time.
  • To make the liquid fertilizer add 1 kg fresh horsetail to 100 liter water, let it stand for several days, stir it sometimes. You can add lava flour or clay minerals. Spray it over the leaves of the plants.
  • Here's another use, they're good for scrubbing pans! There's a lot of silica in them. You handfull, ball them up and scrub away!


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  • Horsetails "The Horsetails belong to a class of plants, the Equisetaceae, that has no direct affinity with any other group of British plants. They are nearest allied to the Ferns." - A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve