Natural building

Adobe pueblo revival style architecture in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A series of articles written by John Eagles about principles, methods and materials for natural building.


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Two evolutionary ways to build strong constructions - The shell construction and the skeleton construction L-Fachwerkwand.png The construction of a house can be compared to the creation of a body. When we study how God created bodies of animals and how architects designed constructions of houses, we can discover a striking resemblance. When you make a house, or when God created a body, it is always necessary that such a house or body is constructed in strong ways. There are two different fundamental solutions to this problem. Nov. 15, 1998
A home is more than a house The Cob House - Cadhay.jpg Most houses are built as constructions in which we can live. Not much thought is generally given to what a house could mean in terms of relation to the environment around it and the meaning of houses for the development of people as spiritual beings. A home is more than a house. Feb.2, 2003


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