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  1. 10 Guidelines for business
  2. 360 Homes in Home Religion
  3. A child was born to bring rebirth to the cosmos
  4. Adam and 3 archangels and the tetrahedron
  5. A Foundation of Faith big enough to receive the Messiah
  6. A home is more than a house
  7. Altars
  8. A migration from Asia to America before recorded history(video)
  9. And when you get answer from God
  10. Angels above or below us
  11. A parable about the right road and the left road
  12. A plea to include the spiritual reality as a field of science
  13. Appearance of the energy body
  14. Are spirit and mind the same
  15. Arrogance is disturbance of the vertical axis
  16. A spirit reborn in a body on earth
  17. Autonomous spirit world
  18. Back to a life of learning and internal development
  19. Balanced development of spiritual abilities
  20. Becoming a body of truth
  21. Before you believe that every angel is good...
  22. Breaking through in prayer
  23. Breathing truth like the fragrance of a flower
  24. Building a tribe of 12 + 72 in 360 homes
  25. Business as training to unite mind and body
  26. Cain- and Abel families in restoration
  27. Can sin be inherited
  28. Chakras explained to children
  29. Circled gardens
  30. Complexities of restoration processes over the generations
  31. Concentration in prayer and meditation
  32. Concentration
  33. Creative Spirit World
  34. Creative through your own production
  35. Cremation or burial of a dead body
  36. Dealing with spiritual attacks 1 - Make notes and pray or meditate
  37. Dealing with spiritual attacks 2 - Causes
  38. Dealing with spiritual attacks 3 - How to respond
  39. Dealing with the spiritual fall in our daily lives
  40. Death and the shroud
  41. Dedicating our daily lives to God
  42. Designing a circled garden
  43. Developing telepathic vision
  44. Develop your intuition
  45. Differences between true and false realities in the spirit world
  46. Different views on reality make or break or lives
  47. Divine Body Practice
  48. Diving deeper into the self
  49. Do animals exist in the spiritual world?
  50. Doing research to find truth
  51. Do you dislike the word sin
  52. Do you have a mission or a career
  53. Each soul is a mirror
  54. Egypt, the wilderness and Canaan in our own lives
  55. Energies for fighting
  56. Energy auras of plants
  57. Energy in music
  58. Energy needs focus
  59. Escaping the prison of our matrix
  60. Existence between heaven and earth
  61. External and internal training
  62. Faith and reason and our progress
  63. Faith and tests
  64. Family lines of heavenly restoration
  65. Fields of life to be incorporated into economic thought
  66. First introduction to how to distinguish good from malevolent spirits
  67. Five reasons why we need to understand the spiritual world
  68. Five stages of energy practice - GRESE
  69. From alienated producing to sacred sharing
  70. From energy to parallels in history
  71. Full dedication to the highest ideal
  72. Fundamental energies in the cosmos
  73. Fundamental energy structure - Three levels
  74. Gardening in the Garden of Eden
  75. Gates to the world of spirit
  76. God our parents
  77. GOD’S LOVE AND FALSE LOVE (for children)
  78. H History of Ancient Israel 7 - King Saul (with video)
  79. History of Ancient Israel 8 - King David (with video)
  80. History of Ancient Israel 9 - King Solomon (with video)
  81. History of ancient Israel 10 – Divided Kingdoms of Northern Israel and Judah (with video)
  82. History of ancient Israel 11 - Babylonian Exile and Return (with video)
  83. History of ancient Israel 12 – Hellenistic period (with video)
  84. History of Christianity 1 - The New Testament (with video)
  85. History of Christianity 2 – Persecution of Christians by Rome (with video)
  86. History of Christianity 3 – Development of early Christianity (with video)
  87. History of Christianity 4 - The Pentarchy (with video)
  88. History of Christianity 5 - Christian monasticism (with video)
  89. History of Christianity 6 - Augustine of Hippo (with video)
  90. History of Christianity 7 - Charlemagne (with video)
  91. History of Christianity 8 - The Great Schism (with video)
  92. Holy Grounds and Trees
  93. Holy Salt and its effects
  94. Home Church recalled
  95. Home Religion and our relations
  96. Home Religion and restoration
  97. How chakras are formed
  98. How communism came to exist
  99. How does the spirit world look like?
  100. How will the oppressed people of this world be liberated?
  101. How to develop our spiritual senses
  102. How to find deeper truth
  103. How to study texts in a principled way
  104. 'I' and what is around me
  105. I buy you flowers every other day
  106. Ideal political structures - Regabriel
  107. If i were a smart banker...
  108. Information about Qumran and early Christian Jews
  109. Information from a spiritual source about John the Baptist and his life
  110. Inheritance through love between parents and children and vice versa
  111. Inside a harmonious galaxy of love
  112. Internal and spiritual aspects of sacred ceremonies
  113. Internal and spiritual aspects of sacred ceremonies
  114. Introductory meditation method for unity with good creations of God
  115. Inviting the Divine into your life
  116. Is all spirituality automatically beneficial?
  117. Israel and the task to make victory over angels
  118. Israel and the task to make victory over angels
  119. Jealousy from a spiritual viewpoint
  120. Learn about the energy of air
  121. Learn to feel your own energy sphere and those of all things around you
  122. Let me take you on a journey
  123. Levels of individual spiritual growth and realms in spirit world
  124. Levels of individual spiritual growth and realms in spirit world
  125. Life energies and life-sustaining energies
  126. Living in communion with the good spiritual world
  127. Lonely seekers in a frenzied world
  128. Love lessons from trees
  129. Love reborn
  130. M Making the Foundation of Faith substantial
  131. Making use of Creation Energy
  132. Material blessing proof for God's love?
  133. Mediators between higher and lower entities
  134. Meetings of minds
  135. Meeting spirit world while visiting places on earth
  136. Memory on five levels
  137. More practice with the energy of air
  138. Motivating ourselves to live with God
  139. My baby sleep softly
  140. Noise from the physical world
  141. Offering and the relationship to God
  142. Offerings and selling things
  143. Oh my dear Father (inspired by Jesus)
  144. One of the reasons for being unfamiliar with the spiritual reality
  145. Only your maximal effort builds a Foundation of Faith
  146. Opening your spiritual senses
  147. Original religion and organized religion
  148. Our home can be a spiritually protected Temple
  149. Our spiritual level before and after death
  150. Our spiritual level before and after death
  151. Our spiritual senses - All of them (with video embedded)
  152. Overcome disturbances in prayer and meditation
  153. Plants in the spirit world
  154. Prayer as an act of giving
  155. Prayer as breathing
  156. Praying in faith and concentration
  157. Principled business 1 - For our own restoration
  158. Principled business 2 - The value of time
  159. Protection by three archangels
  160. Reading books and spiritual life
  161. Realms in spirit world
  162. Real prayers and problematic prayers
  163. Religions reunited
  164. Research pages:Divine School
  165. Resurrection explained
  166. Revelation of love, creativity, freedom
  167. Right after an experience with God
  168. Sacred geometry, music and original energy
  169. Sacred place of prayer
  170. Self-control beyond limits
  171. Seminar Faith:Introduction
  172. Seminar Faith:The central figure of faith
  173. Seminar Faith:The Foundation of Faith
  174. Seminar Faith:Parameters of the Foundation of Faith
  175. Seminar Faith:Relationship to a more central figure of faith
  176. Seminar Faith:First result of the Foundation of Faith: Love relationship with God
  177. Seminar Faith:Second result of the Foundation of Faith: Receiving God's Word
  178. Seminar Faith:Third result of the Foundation of Faith: Love relationship with others
  179. Seminar Faith:Fourth result of the Foundation of Faith: A foundation to receive God
  180. Serving in Home Religion
  181. Seven gates to spiritual life
  182. Shells in a personality
  183. Some details about the relationship between the spirit self and the physical self
  184. Some difficult questions related to witnessing
  185. Some fundamentals about 'chi'
  186. Some ideas on alternative economy
  187. Some methods to test spirits and angels - Español
  188. Some principles concerning restoration of blood lines
  189. Some thoughts about heaven
  190. Some thoughts about lineage
  191. Some thoughts about the unity of the cosmos TAGS DONE
  192. Song: Raindrops in the water
  193. Song: The beauty of creation
  194. Song: The Four Seasons
  195. Spiritual and physical senses
  196. Spiritual awareness and our relationship to the Earth
  197. Spiritual cleanliness and order
  198. Spiritual differences between nations and tribes
  199. Spirituality and the vertical dimension
  200. Spirituality with or without love
  201. Spiritual nanotechnology
  202. Spiritual reality and dreams
  203. Spiritual regions in a town - fundraising
  204. Spiritual spaces & physical spaces
  205. Storing good energy in your chakras
  206. Stupid scientists make me grin
  207. Substantiating your faith
  208. Teaching
  209. Teaching 1998
  210. Teaching 1999
  211. Teaching 2012
  212. Teaching 2013
  213. Testimony of Home Church in a school environment
  214. Testing the spirits
  215. The Book of Enoch
  216. The Circle of Care
  217. The concept of sin reconsidered
  218. The confusion of leylines or energy lines
  219. The connective nature of energy
  220. The correct order needed for the Foundation of Faith
  221. The creation of energy, time and space
  222. The creation of things as an employee
  223. The energy of the body is a sphere
  224. The energy reality of a garden
  225. The essence of witnessing
  226. The faces of communism
  227. The fair and just life in restoration
  228. The field of tension between faith and fall
  229. The forces in the universe
  230. The forest of wisdom for education
  231. The four elements of creation explained to children
  232. The Four-Position Foundation - for children (video) & Text
  233. The flower of which I smelled its fragrance
  234. The growth of a foundation and the element of time
  235. The hermit was desiring for his salvation
  236. The nature of the Heaven-Earth level in the Fundamental Energy Structure
  237. The original gem
  238. The purification of money
  239. The purpose of a house full of chairs
  240. The reality of energies
  241. The relation between Home Religion and established religions
  242. The goodness of a soul divine
  243. The growth of a foundation and the element of time
  244. The ideal world is being built
  245. The influence of prayers and good thoughts and feelings on people in spirit world
  246. The internal fall and faith
  247. The logical error of materialists who try to disprove God
  248. The magnificent human body
  249. The main force that unites the spiritual and physical worlds
  250. The meaning of a temple from the spiritual viewpoint
  251. The meaning of business
  252. The millionaire mind
  253. The offering of prayer (for children)
  254. The omnipresence of God
  255. The original meaning of Home Religion
  256. The original sin of the angels
  257. The physical and the spiritual memory
  258. The prankster who is playing poker...
  259. The prayer of daily relation to God
  260. The prayer to come to prayer
  261. There is no end to growth
  262. The search inward
  263. The seasons of the day
  264. The sky was wild and the gleam was bright
  265. The sleeper must awaken
  266. The spectrum of fundamental life energies
  267. The spiritual aspects of God's creations are eternal gifts of love, truth and energy
  268. The spiritual is not just impersonal energy
  269. The spiritual relationship between husband and wife
  270. The spiritual aspects of God's creations are eternal gifts of love, truth and energy
  271. The spiritual meaning of Holy Grounds and Holy Trees
  272. The spiritual nature of sin
  273. The spiritual world - for children
  274. The spirit world is a real world
  275. The story as told from spirit world by an ancient first immigrant to America
  276. The story of Adam and Eve - for children (with video)
  277. The story of the trees - for children
  278. The things and man and God
  279. The truth is one
  280. The two main departments of the spirit world
  281. The Way
  282. The younger inspires and the elder protects
  283. Three auras
  284. Three-dimensional structure of the internal cosmos
  285. Three stages of spiritual abilities
  286. Time to walk your talk
  287. Towards a culture of originally developing people
  288. To skeptics - About God
  289. Training in the home
  290. Truth's home is the heart of God
  291. Two evolutionary ways to build strong constructions - The shell construction and the skeleton construction
  292. Two friends
  293. Understanding senses in terms of energy
  294. Unite your own gravity center with that of the earth
  295. Video: Starlight
  296. What exactly means Heaven, Earth, in the Fundamental Energy Structure
  297. What is a border in the spirit world?
  298. What is money? Back to the basics
  299. What is truth?
  300. What to do when our faith is failing
  301. What to do when there comes disunity in a heavenly organization?
  302. What to do when there comes disunity in a heavenly organization?
  303. When the dust was removed, inspiration came
  304. Why everyone needs three archangels - again
  305. Why to learn cultivating and using plants
  306. Why we need Holy Grounds for the building of God's Kingdom
  307. Working with energy and having an image in your mind
  308. World of harmony
  309. Your dreams and your spiritual life
  310. Your own contribution to your own resurrection
  311. Your own spirit self

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