Our spiritual level before and after death

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This page is part of an ERW course, section: Divine Principle - The spiritual world.
By John Eagles, September 26, 2009.

When we go to the spiritual world, we take with us all our real accomplishments and also our failures. At the moment of physical death, we enter spirit world with what we are at that moment. Can we live a satisfying life in the spiritual world if we haven't had any experiences with spiritual life during our existence in the physical body?

There are theories that maintain that once we enter the spiritual world we suddenly change. The spiritual afterlife is viewed as a kind of reward for what we did on earth. Usually this kind of thinking is rooted in certain forms of religious teaching maintaining that all we need to do is to believe in a revered religious leader in order to acquire access to heaven.

Although we need the help of God and of central figures of faith in order for us to progress in our spiritual lives, this fact doesn't take away our own responsibility. We can get help from God and God's central figures if we open ourselves for it, but we still need to go our course of restoration and we still need to reach our individual perfection and beyond. Because individual perfection is equal to maturing in God's love and first of all has meaning for our eternal life in the spiritual world, we need to grow spiritually.

What we reached in our life on earth is what we take with us in the spiritual world. If someone had no awareness of the spiritual reality during his or her life on earth, it cannot be expected that such a person could easily have a good life in the spiritual world. We do not suddenly become different people at the moment of death. At the moment of passing, all we do is to shed off our physical bodies and we very much go on living in spirit world as we have lived our physical lives.

Of course there are transformations as soon as we enter the spiritual world. The main change is that we don't have our physical body anymore. Our spirit is kind of released from all that hangs on to the physical body and which to a certain degree could have hampered our spiritual awareness. At the same time, we are what we are. Spiritually we don't suddenly become entirely new people. We shall keep the same kinds of inclinations, weaknesses and strengths that we had in our physical lives.

For example, if someone had a strong desire for something wrong, that desire won't disappear in the spiritual world. But when the desire is physical, it cannot anymore be fulfilled because there is no physical existence anymore for that spirit. Suppose that someone craved much for getting money during his life in the physical world... If he enters spirit world in the afterlife, he will still have that kind of urge. In trying to satisfy that physical yearning, he might try to cooperate with physical people who are working to get much money. Even if such a person believed in the Messiah, he will still have to overcome that kind of physical desires and will therefore be limited in his possibities for life in the spiritual world.

Before the fall of man, Adam and Eve lived in close relationship to the spiritual world. After the fall, they got confused. They had become more separated from God and therefore lost their guiding voice to tell them which spirits could be trusted and which ones not. One result of the fall is that the spiritual senses of man got more and more closed. Some people on earth have open spiritual senses, but they have a close relationship to evil angels and spirits. That is of course not the way that we should strive to have spiritual experiences. That would lead to a repetition of the spiritual fall.

But we are due to develop our connection to the spiritual world in a heavenly way. Each of us must restore the position of either original Adam or original Eve and we therefore also need to restore our awareness of the spiritual reality. This can only be done well when we continually develop and keep our good relationship to God the Creator. Even though we can be guided by and stand on the foundation of the ones sent by God to be our Father and Mother representing God, we still must fulfill our own course of restoration. This course has both physical and spiritual dimensions.


Question: One result of the fall is that the spiritual senses of man got more and more closed. Is that solely because of earthly man losing it's connection with God through an accumulation of wrong thoughts and wrong actions? Or is there also the important factor that evil angels and evil spirits have consciously sought to damage the spiritual senses of earthly man? What critical part of the spiritual or physical body do these evil spirits and evil angels have to target to damage the spiritual senses of earthly man? "Some people on earth have open spiritual senses, but they have a close relationship to evil angels and spirits." So if evil angels and evil spirits can open up the spiritual senses of earthly people, then I understand that also good spirits and good angels can be authorized and empowered to temporarily or partially open the spiritual senses of earthly persons, right? So the development of the spiritual senses is a process that occurs gradually, spontaneously, naturally, through one's deepening relationship with God. But this development can be enhanced further through the active interference from spirits and angels, when they are authorized to do so, right?

You are correct with all your conclusions. I have done much research in spirit world to understand why our spiritual senses don't work so well. Because you already answered the bulk of your questions, I shall focus a little on another aspect of this problem.

I have often heard from spirits who lived long ago in a still better world that it was rather easy to communicate with the spiritual world. From their descriptions I understood that the Earth as a whole was still a better place. It was not so spiritually polluted yet and therefore more people could much better sense the spiritual world.

Summarizing, there are several aspects to this problem, that it is difficult to perceive the spiritual world:

  1. The spiritual senses of fallen man have not developed as they should because people themselves have not spiritual matured as they should have.
  2. The spiritual senses are dominated by physical desires and experiences.
  3. There is the direct influence of angels who have hampered the functions of the spiritual senses of most people.
  4. The spiritual atmosphere around us is not anymore so clear and open and fit to allow for clear spiritual perceptions.

Now to your question how angels or other spirits could do 'operations' on our bodies to either enhance or impair our spiritual abilities. This is an extremely complex topic that has to do with the energy structure of the body, with chakras and with energy channels in our body, and also with the connection between the spirit body and the physical body. Then there is still something that in literature is often described as 'energy body' or 'ethereal body.'

Because this topic is so complex and big, it is not possible to give a complete answer here. Imagine that angels have worked for billions of years to create the animals and also the human body (not the human spirit, I understand this to be God's direct creation). God, through angels, has created living nature. Sometimes angels made mistakes with that as well.

What did the angels need for creating? Energy, or better said, different types of energies. Where do these specific energies come from? From different regions in the cosmos, stars, supernovae, planets etc.

With the fall there also came about a division in the spiritual world between angels keeping God's side and those going against God. So the energies needed for good life on earth, and also those necessary for a good functioning of the spiritual senses, came to be divided between the different angels factions. And as you can imagine, it were not the most heavenly angels who controlled most of the energies for the spiritual senses.

Both the spirit body and the physical body need certain energies in order to function well. As for this energy, when you study Chinese healing methods and also fighting traditions, there is spoken about different types of chi, soft chi, hard chi and healing chi etc. This is more or less what I am referring to when speaking about different energies.

The body needs special energies for a good functioning and angels control many of these energies. The chakras in the human body are a kind of gates and storage places and also engines for different types of energies.

The energies for a good functioning of the spiritual abilities are mostly but not exclusively connected to the chakra that is connected to the third eye. The chakras cannot develop well when they are not supplied with the right energies.

As you see, this is another dimension of the problem that spiritual senses don't work well. It is extremely complex as well, so I can only touch the surface of it here. Keep asking questions and more answers will be given :).

Question: "The energies for a good functioning of the spiritual abilities are mostly but not exclusively connected to the chakra that is connected to the third eye." Is it meaningful to consult a local chakra healer to remove certain blocks and get the energy flowing again properly? Can these spiritual healers provide fundamental solutions? Or shall I only expect temporary and partial solutions because the power of evil spirit world is still too dominant? Can money buy me spiritual healing to some extent?

Spiritual abilities should never become a goal by themselves. They are to support the development of our love and they come as a consequence of going our course of restoration to come closer to God's heart.

Analogy: We are to have a good relationship to the things and living beings of creation. We can buy things with money, but if we firstly focus on getting money, we are due to lose the original relationship with creation.

Moreover, in the spiritual field there is the danger that when our spiritual senses open too rapidly we come in touch with situations in spirit world we cannot yet deal with. This is why I always recommend to center on developing our spiritual abilities by going our course of restoration, by prayer and understanding and doing God's will. All other methods carry dangers in them.

At the same time, I cannot speak for others. There are many fake chakra experts, misusing their knowledge. There also are those who may try to help you in a good way.

Question: The spiritual senses are dominated by physical desires and experiences." Out of your personal experiences, are there any particular spiritual desires that appear to be more effective than others in reviving our spiritual senses. e.g. the longing for intimacy with God, or the desire to substantially support providential central figures, or the desire to love unconditionally, etc...?

I already touched this in my answer to your first question above. I do never advise anybody to follow a certain religious central figure, as this is entirely to decide by each person.

When you are seriously desiring for God, you will get answers to each question and be led to the religious leader where God wants you to be.

In general it is my experience that when someone fully engages in trying to do God's will, many miracles are going to happen, also those of opening your spiritual senses. To you will be given what you need for your mission as long as you do it centered on God.

Because God is love, love is the most effective road for enhancing our spiritual abilities. But this love should be centered on God and not on what some people perceive as love but which in reality is only a self-centered enjoyment of what feels as love.

Question: "There is the direct influence of angels who have hampered the functions of the spiritual senses of most people." From reading your articles I get this feeling that the power and destructive impact of evil angels might be even bigger than the power and impact of evil spirits! Is that correct?

I believe that the fall of man was instigated by evil angels, by one in particular, called Lucifer. In that sense, such evil angels are more dangerous than fallen human spirits. Yet this doesn't mean that there are not also very influential and dark human evil spirits. Read the history books and you know what I mean.

Restoration of our own ideal condition means to restore the order of our relationships. Instead of worshiping evil deities, we should understand and relate to God the Creator. Instead of following angels who deserted God we should become able to dominate them, etc. One more point related to your remark about the power of evil spirit world in the present.

Regardless what kind of restoration has taken place in the spiritual realms, I take the position that it doesn't really matter for myself. Suppose I would believe that the evil spiritual power has much weakened and therefore I take it more easy? Would that not make me the first victim of those evil spiritual powers still in place?

Each of us needs to go our own course and we better rely on our own advancement rather than on what others have done. We can learn from others, receive from others, and we should, but the moment we think that our own responsibility therefore has become less, I am sure we are in for big trouble.

Question: Can you illustrate in what ways spiritual sensitivity can actually support the development of love? If one day I wake up with revived spiritual senses how will that benefit my life? Will it make it easier for me to love the unlovable? Will I become more compassionate to people, because I will be able to see and understand the remote cause of their deficiencies? By seeing the spiritual component of people and all things, will I be able to feel God's love more strongly? Can God work better through me with healthy spiritual senses?

Imagine yourself to be a farmer but you would not be able to see the seeds you sow, the plants you nurture and the weeds you pull out? Would you be able to give good care to the plants you are growing, to the animals you are nurturing? The spiritual world is there. We are spiritual beings temporarily living in a physical body. When our spiritual senses don't work, how can we live a good spiritual life?

If an evil spirit approaches you and tries to harm you, what happens if you don't notice him? You don't necessarily need to see him clearly, but you should at least have an intuition that something is going wrong.

When you build a house and you are unaware of the spiritual meaning, you cannot give spiritual content to your house. It can give physical protection but not spiritual. It can give physical warmth but not a good and warm spiritual atmosphere.

Can we imagine our physical life to be without having our physical senses? If we don't hear, don't smell, don's see, don't have a sense of touch, how would love be possible? In the same way, in the spiritual dimension of our lives, we need our senses.

Now, don't worry too much that your spiritual senses don't work. They do work to a much larger degree than you might realize. Most of the time the problem is that people have many spiritual experiences and make many spiritual observations, but they don't recognize them as such. They ignore them or interpret them as something physical.

Part of our spiritual development is to learn to recognize and name what we already perceived but we didn't realize that it was something spiritual. God definitely can work better through a person with healthy spiritual senses, because love can be given on a spiritual level, which is of eternal rather than temporary significance.

As for loving the unlovable: I am sure that God doesn't love evil because it destroys people's happiness.

However, having understanding of a person's spiritual situation helps us to have more compassion for such a person. We begin to understand how 'Adam' and 'Eve' were influenced from spirit world to do what was wrong, and instead of condemning them, we see ways to help them out.

Question: It would be so amazing and so encouraging to actually see that seeds have indeed been sown, to see that the plants are indeed growing and to see that some weeds have indeed been pulled. Are there people on earth who are actually able to do see all of this? I can think that this is or has been the case for some providential central figures, but can (m)any of these so-called "spiritualists" see all this as well?

I assume that you're speaking about the spiritual reality when you refer to seeing seeds you sow etc. Everything can be seen yes.

Reality is complex. There is the physical reality of forms and shapes and masses. There is the spiritual reality, which can only be seen when there is indeed something to be seen. Certain things, like for example plastic mass products, have no or almost no spiritual content. They can usually not or almost not be detected in spirit world.

Then there is the reality of energies. Everything in the universe is made of energy. This applies to the spiritual world and to the physical world. Energy is visible by their fields, by that what radiates out from something that contains the energy.

To see energies is another capability than to see the spiritual reality. Central figures in God's Providence usually have learned to sense the spiritual world, but not always to recognize energies.

Energy beams out from all physical objects, and also from all spiritual ones. Everyone can see physical objects. Some people can also see the energy radiating out from physical things. Some people can see spiritual forms, and still fewer people can also see the energy radiated from spiritual beings and things.

The ability to see energies has been much developed in esoteric circles. The ability to see spirit world is known to have be acquired by providential central figures, but also by some people having special missions in this field, and unfortunately also by certain people of the dark side.

Everything can be seen, in one way or another, even all that happened in human history is still observable in the spiritual realms.

Question: "Certain things, like for example plastic mass products, have no or almost no spiritual content." I can somewhat imagine that -because of this reason- it is not ideal to use plastic materials. However, please illustrate how the use of non-spiritual materials can be a serious point of concern and that this problem should be avoided whenever possible. "They can usually not or almost not be detected in spirit world." Please explain in what situations this would be problematic that spiritual world can not detect what materials we are using in the physical world.

I believe that it is God's ideal that there is unity between the spiritual world and the physical world. In such an ideal situation we would have close contact to our good ancestors and they to us. Once we come in spirit world, we get to know not only our grandchildren and maybe our great-grandchildren, but all the generations of our own descendants. In the physical world we get to know and feel the love of our ancestors and we can be educated by them.

Everything that disturbs this relationship must be considered harmful in some way. For example, you are in spirit world and you see your great-grandson doing something but you cannot figure out what he is doing because the tools he uses are not detectable in spirit world... It makes the relationship more difficult than needed.

Moreover, when you look from spirit world to a beautiful flower on earth, it will give you a good feeling. But how do you feel when you see an empty hole because there is something there that doesn't show up? Would that create a good atmosphere?

Having said all this, I am not on a campaign to curse all synthetic materials. This is not always a big problem, but I do think that natural materials are preferable. They can be filled with love and good energies, for example when we build something with them. It is almost impossible to do that with synthetic stuff. You just cannot build a spiritually protecting house with such materials. The good energies that you want to put into them just don't hold. There's no feeding ground in these materials to fill them with love.

Watch how children appreciate toys made of natural materials like wood and compare it to how they relate to plastic toys, and you get a feeling of what I mean.

Question: "God, through angels, has created living nature. Sometimes angels made mistakes with that as well." Are you aware of any specifics of these mistakes? Thank you.

This is a story about snakes. It have been told to me by angels that the venom produced by many snakes originally had a good meaning. They were meant to be medicines and were supposed to be produced by snakes in very small quantities and in lower concentrations. But evil angels misused their control over such snakes to make them dangerous by letting them make far too much of the poison.

Apart from that, there has been an evolution of living species. They evolved from being less developed to having more advanced functions. I believe that this reflects a learning and developing process of the work of God through creating angels. Some animals got extinct because they did not function anymore well in a developing world of creation. There must have been a learning process for angels.

Question: "We begin to understand how 'Adam' and 'Eve' were influenced from spirit world to do what was wrong, and instead of condemning them, we see ways to help them out." I'm (positively) surprised to read about an ongoing concern (in 2009) to help out Adam & Eve (born God knows when)! Personally I never considered it to be any of my objectives to somehow liberate Adam and Eve. I would have guessed that this would have been part of the mission of the Messiah.

I referred to Adam and Eve in the sense of the original Adam and Eve, but also in the meaning of each man and woman on earth. We are still facing today the same problems that brought Adam and Eve to fall.

In addition to that, we cannot let all work be done by one Messiah, can we?