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A series of articles about the spiritual world, written by John Eagles.
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One of the reasons for being unfamiliar with the spiritual reality SnowflakesWilsonBentley.jpg In my experience there are several reasons why many people don't know about or don't believe in the spiritual reality. Often there is spoken about the spiritual world, but for some this is a dream world, for others it is sheer fantasy and for again others this reality is very confusing. I do believe in a spiritual reality. I even believe that the spiritual world is more real than the physical one. June 7, 2006
Noise from the physical world Noise.gif In my former article about spiritual experiences i gave one major reason why it is difficult for us to become aware of the spiritual reality. Our spiritual senses need sharpening and development. Without that being done, the spiritual reality may appear to be fantastic or non-existent. There is another reason why it is difficult to experience spiritual phenomena even for those who have practiced their spiritual senses. June 9, 2006
Autonomous spirit world Image for Autonomous Spirit World.jpg In a few articles we are trying to find out some reasons why it is so difficult for people in the physical world to relate to the spiritual world. The first reason mentioned is that the spiritual senses of each person need to develop through experience. A second reason is that the physical world and the physical senses give a lot of noise putting the weaker spiritual stimuli to the background. Here i want to describe a third reason why it is often very difficult to relate to spirit world. June 11, 2006
Some thoughts about heaven Some thoughts about heaven.jpg Heaven in spirit world can be described in different ways. I want to present some thoughts about what it means in essence. Heaven is also described as the Kingdom of Heaven. Although those dwelling in the Kingdom of Heaven carry heaven in their heart first of all, there is surely some kind of organization needed for the Kingdom of Heaven. Aug. 26, 2009
Holy Grounds and Trees Uppsalatemplet.PNG Most religions have their holy places. Some religions also revere sacred trees. In its quest to convert 'pagans' Christendom has literally rooted out many sacred oaks that were centers of religious worship for European tribes. Sept. 8, 2009
Do animals exist in the spiritual world? Animals in Spirit World.jpg Many people wonder if animals live on in the spiritual world after they died. What I am telling you here is based on my observations in the spiritual world and it may be surprising in some ways. I have often seen animals in the spiritual world. Many people believe that animals have no spirit and therefore don't live on in the afterlife. The reality is a little more complex. Sept. 15, 2009
Spiritual and physical senses Recco, Giuseppe - Still-life with the Five Senses - 1676.jpg Some people testify of their having spiritual experiences. Others believe that the reality of the spiritual world is only made up by religious or spiritual fanatics. Yet for those observing the spiritual world in some kind of way, the spiritual reality makes part of their lives. Sept. 21, 2009
A spirit reborn in a body on earth Bonnat01.jpg All human beings who did not fulfill their life course on earth must come back in a course of resurrection. This type of resurrection can take many forms, from a spirit helping a person on earth to fulfill his or her mission to actually coming in the body of a person. There has also been made much misuse of this possibility for spirits to descend in a body. Altogether, for a spirit to come into a body is something very demanding for both the spirit and the person to whom the body belongs. Sept. 24, 2009
Our spiritual level before and after death Our spiritual level before and after death.JPG When we go to the spiritual world, we take with us all our real accomplishments and also our failures. At the moment of physical death, we enter spirit world with what we are at that moment. Can we live a satisfying life in the spiritual world if we haven't had any experiences with spiritual life during our existence in the physical body? Sept. 26, 2009
A plea to include the spiritual reality as a field of science Science of spirit world.jpg There are many definitions of what science is. Here I want to plea for the installment of a science of the spiritual reality. I do believe that it is possible to gain knowledge of the spiritual world in a scientific way, but first we need to think about what science exactly means, or has come to mean. Oct. 7, 2009
Levels of individual spiritual growth and realms in spirit world Jan Brueghel the Younger Paradise.jpg It is generally thought that our level of individual spiritual growth relates directly to the realm where we come to live in spirit world. Although this relation does exist, there is more to be said about this. Let me start with a comparison from the physical world. In society people have enjoyed higher or lower degrees of education and many have specialized in certain fields of science or other realms of life. Oct. 27, 2009
Before you believe that every angel is good... Death and the Gravedigger - C. Schwabe.jpg Before you believe that every angel is good, consider that there are angels of darkness posing as angels of light and they may have applied one of the following tricks... Nov. 5, 2009
Three stages of spiritual abilities Three stages of forest - geograph.org.uk - 909779.jpg As we grow in learning to have good dominion over the spiritual world, we go through three stages. These stages are not exactly the same as the stages of growth to individual maturity in God's love. They specifically refer to spiritual abilities, which we need to develop in some kind of way, but which by themselves are not a guarantee to be on the good side. Nov. 7, 2009
Angels above or below us USVA headstone emb-11.svg It's a common phenomenon in the present time to hear about people who draw attention by their extraordinary knowledge of what they call spirituality and by their perceived working for a future of light and peace for all mankind. When the lives of these people are studied further, they often testify of meaningful spiritual events at the beginning of their missions. Dec. 3, 2009
Cremation or burial of a dead body Bergfriedhof Heidelberg Gräberfeld.JPG Compiled from my contributions to a discussion with friends on the internet. How the body is treated after death can best be understood as an offering. Jan. 7, 2010
The spiritual aspects of God's creations are eternal gifts of love, truth and energy Spiritual aspects of God's creation.jpg God created the universe and all beings and things. God created this from love. We also say that all beings and things originally are bodies of God's truth, expressing the fact that there is design and principle in all that God created. We know that all that exists is basically energy, therefore it is also correct to state that all beings and things are expressions of God's energy. Jan. 15, 2010
Five reasons why we need to understand the spiritual world Shaman Rock.jpg Is the spiritual world the realm of creepy haunting ghosts and weird experiments with spiritualism? Is it the magic practiced by shamans and druids in primitive tribes or strange New-Age groups? No, the spiritual world is an integral part of our daily lives, but it needs training and development to realize this. Here I'll give five reasons why we need to understand the spiritual world. Jan. 17, 2010
The spiritual meaning of Holy Grounds and Holy Trees 53 JE Note Holy Tree branch.JPG Systems of Holy Grounds and Holy Trees have existed in the past and they do exist in the present in different religions and cultures. It may be different how such places are used in the physical world. Often they are sites of prayer and contact to the spiritual world. Sometimes temples are built on such locations. Jan. 25, 2010
Some details about the relationship between the spirit self and the physical self Relationship spirit self - physical self - DP.jpg The Divine Principle explains that there exists a relationship between the spirit self and the physical self. Both the spirit self and the physical self have a mind and a body, the mind being internal to the body in an external position. The spirit self has a spirit mind and a spirit body and the physical self has a physical mind and a physical body. Feb. 6, 2010
Why we need Holy Grounds for the building of God's Kingdom Lonely tree and ground.jpg A Holy Ground consists of one or two trees placed on a piece of dedicated ground. We need Holy Grounds not only for prayer and connection to the spiritual world, but also for the restoration of the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden was the place of God's Ideal, the living place for the family of Adam and Eve and their children. On a family level, that place consisted not only of a garden but also of a house or home for Adam's family. The home and the garden together, they formed God's ideal living environment for God's children. Feb. 22, 2010
Our spiritual senses - All of them (with video embedded) Our spiritual senses video.jpg Our existence is one of living in two worlds at the same time. These are the spiritual world and the physical world. These two worlds relate to one another as yang and yin, internal and external, subject and object. March 23, 2010 Video
The two main departments of the spirit world Spirit world earth and cosmos.jpg The spiritual world is often seen as one big and unknown realm that we only access when we pass away into the afterlife. Here i shall write about an important differentiation that can be made between the two main sections of the spiritual world. The one main department of spirit world is that which is connected to the physical world on earth. The other main region is the one that encompasses all the spiritual realms that are away from the earth. March 9, 2010
Your own spirit self Forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven-1.JPG It is through my spirit self that i relate to the spiritual world. Through my physical self i relate to the physical world. Suppose that we would not have a spiritual self then there would be no meaningful connection between the spirit world and the physical world. Feb. 14, 2011
How does the spirit world look like? Paradiso Canto 31.jpg Note that this article was originally written in 1999 and is about the spiritual world of that time. Since then many changes have taken place in the spirit world. Practically each religion tells you about how life after death will be. Many of these reports or views are very different and yet, most of them will be true more or less. Feb. 25, 2011
Death and the shroud Death and the shroud.jpg When you are born, to you is given your first clothing. Clothing always means that what you wear to perform certain functions or tasks. People with special positions in society do also wear special clothing. Sometimes you wear working clothing and sometimes clothing for going out. March 7, 2011
The spirit world is a real world Fields.jpg The spirit world is a substantial world. It means that it is a world that's real. It has an environment and there are many cultures and groups and organizations. Just as is the case in the physical world, you need to learn to live in that world. April 19, 2012

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