Topic in Spiritual exercises

People who believe in reincarnation often live in cultures that are more controlled by angels. Because they are controlled by angels, various forms of reincarnation do occur, but not necessarily in the way that people believe it. Basically what many groups of angels do when they control people in this way is to put older spirits in bodies of newborn babies, sometimes also when people are older. For example, many gurus are masters who have lived before and who were put in new bodies, with the help of angels.

In such cultures there is often a belief in a great consciousness, as you describe it. That is not the same as God the Creator, but it could be described as a sphere of knowledge and awareness that is controlled by such angels. People under these angels have access to that sphere and see it as if it were God.

People who are under such angels lose their sense of being an individual creation of God because they more or less lost the connection to their own newly-created soul.