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This is a temporary list. Some of these topics will be part of all three courses, other topics only of one or two courses.

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The main force that unites the spiritual and physical worlds Xayana.jpg Before there was life on earth in the physical world, there was already life in spirit world. The creation of man can be seen as the conclusion of a long process of evolution of creations both in spirit world and in the physical world. That evolution has not ended today. June 16, 2006
Creative Spirit World Plateau de valensole1.JPG It's kind of peculiar for me to write about the spiritual world while so many people don't believe in it and others are not even sure whether there is a life after death. Even those who believe that life doesn't end with the death of the physical body often don't believe in a spiritual reality. June 21, 2006
Develop your intuition Water drop 001.jpg Intuition is the highest spiritual gift. Through your intuition you know immediately and without doubt something what is true about another person, being or situation. Our intuition is connected to the Creator, to the truth that is in God. Each of us has an intuition for what is true or what is untrue. July 26, 2006
The spiritual is not just impersonal energy WLA ima La Voile jaune The Yellow Sail.jpg There are many people who seek spirituality. Before i continue this i need to clarify what i mean with spirituality. I make a difference between religion and spirituality. Religion is practiced in many institutions that call themselves religious. Religion in the original sense is a personal matter. It means the efforts that a person makes to reconnect to the origin, to God the Creator. Nov. 18, 2006
Spirituality with or without love Emergence 1 The Transfiguration.JPG The spiritual world is a world of energy, or more correctly, it is a world of energy expressions that are less condensed than the energy expressions of the physical world. All energy has an origin, just like everything that is created has an origin. The origin of energy is love, more precisely the love of the Creator, or the origin of all that is. Nov. 18, 2006
Spiritual nanotechnology Tevenphage.png The spiritual expresses in the physical. There are different ways of learning about the spiritual reality, but one way to do is by studying developments in the physical realm and trying to understand their essence. The essence of it is the spiritual. It does not mean yet that this method gives full insight in the linked spiritual reality, but it does open a road of entrance. July 7, 2007
Developing telepathic vision Ezekiel's vision.jpg You can develop your telepathic talents when you understand more of the underlying principles. I will try to explain something about this based on my own experiences. Telepathy is a very normal gift. There exist few people who never had a telepathic experience, but the time in which we live is such that many people only foolishly giggle when they hear something about it. Aug. 21, 2007
Dealing with spiritual attacks 1 - Make notes and pray or meditate Shisa Dance.jpg Some spiritual problems can be severe and need much time and effort and are extremely difficult to overcome. The first that should be determined is if your problem was indeed caused by a spiritual attack. Some cases are rather clear, like when someone hears voices or when you feel the presence of spiritual beings. When you are more experienced in this you will know it when you are spiritually attacked. If you are less spiritually experienced, you may want to ask guidance from a reliable person who knows about such things. Sept. 2, 2007
Dealing with spiritual attacks 2 - Causes Sanni curing masks at the Horniman Museum.jpg The main reason why people sometimes have to deal with spiritual attacks is because the spiritual reality exists and just like it is true in the physical reality, those around us sometimes could behave as friends or sometimes as enemies. How the physical world around you responds to you, or how you perceive this, is partly a matter of your own mentality and for another part we are confronted with a reality which is not under our direct control. Sept. 3, 2007
Dealing with spiritual attacks 3 - How to respond Shadowman-3.jpg The spiritual world is extremely complex. If people feel spiritually bothered, it is impossible to give a quick and simple advice for how to deal with it. The spiritual world is vast and full of secrets. In several indigenous cultures some people were and are chosen to receive a thorough and decades-long education about the spiritual realms. In modern western society the knowledge about the spiritual has mostly been replaced by the psychology of the mind. Sept. 4, 2007
Living in communion with the good spiritual world Living in communion with the good spirit world.JPG The secret for living in loving communion with good spirits is love. Love is what binds us with our ancestors and with heavenly spirits who wish to help us in fulfilling our mission. There's much to be said about this topic. Here I share some tips based on the practice of my own life. Sept. 6, 2009
How to develop our spiritual senses Spiritual senses.jpg In an ideal world we would live in good harmony and in close relationship to our ancestors and friends in the spiritual world. Due to the fall of man, people have lost many of their abilities to relate well to the spiritual world. How can we develop our spiritual senses so we can live in communion with our good ancestors? Sept. 17, 2009
Spiritual cleanliness and order Diamond.jpg We want to have a good spiritual atmosphere in the house where we live and the rooms where we reside. In order to reach this, spiritual cleansing of that space is needed on a regular basis. There are of course other methods through which the spiritual atmosphere of a place can be improved, but this article is about cleaning and making order. Sept. 22, 2009
First introduction to how to distinguish good from malevolent spirits Francisco de Zurbarán 053.jpg How to distinguish good from evil spirits is a huge topic and therefore this necessarily is only a first and limited introduction. Yet there are few things in life so important as to learn the difference between good and bad influences from the spiritual world. There is no easy way to learn this. There are no simple tricks to guarantee that evil spirits could not approach you. There are so many reasons why malevolent spirits could come near to you that it is nearly impossible to secure that always and only good spirits will be with you. Sept. 24, 2009
Our spiritual level before and after death Life after death.jpg When we go to the spiritual world, we take with us all our real accomplishments and also our failures. At the moment of physical death, we enter spirit world with what we are at that moment. Can we live a satisfying life in the spiritual world if we haven't had any experiences with spiritual life during our existence in the physical body? Sept. 26, 2009
Realms in spirit world Realms in spirit world.jpg A spiritual realm is a place or a set of places in the spiritual world that is occupied by spirits who have reached a similar spiritual level and who are bound by common beliefs, traditions and sometimes abilities. This is a definition based on observations I have made in the spiritual world. Sept. 30, 2009
Levels of individual spiritual growth and realms in spirit world Shaklee Terraces.jpg It is generally thought that our level of individual spiritual growth relates directly to the realm where we come to live in spirit world. Although this relation does exist, there is more to be said about this. Oct. 27, 2009
Spiritual awareness and our relationship to the Earth Earth-Erde.jpg All that exists is connected through invisible threads. The connections are maintained through love. All creations make part of this. All of creation can be seen as the body of God and so all people, all living beings and also the stars and the planets and the moons are part of God's body of love. Nov. 25, 2009
Balanced development of spiritual abilities Balance 2.jpg The level of spiritual awareness that we reached during our lives on earth is what we are going to take with us to spirit world after death of the body. If our spiritual senses haven't developed much during physical life, these senses are not suddenly going to work in the afterlife. Dec. 7, 2009
The spiritual relationship between husband and wife Husband and Wife trees - detail.JPG Even though a man and a woman may have developed a harmonious relationship during their lives on earth, it may not always mean that they can easily be together in the spirit world. I shall try to explain about this difficulty in general terms. Dec. 17, 2009
Some methods to test spirits and angels - Español Rafael - Ressurreição de Cristo (detalhe - anjo).jpg Most of us come into contact with expressions from the spiritual world, either directly because spirits or angels come to us, or indirectly because we get information from other people who are mediums to spirit world. The spirit world is always around us and always influences us even we may not notice it. Dec. 18, 2009
Meeting spirit world while visiting places on earth Dolmen Roch-Feutet.JPG How can we relate to the spiritual world while still living in a body on earth? Many people don't believe in a spiritual world. For others, the spiritual world is far away, only something to experience in the afterlife. But we are continuously surrounded by the spiritual world and we can learn to live in such a way that the spiritual world is incorporated into our daily lives. Here a few examples from my own life. Febr. 27, 2010
Spiritual spaces & physical spaces Spiritual spaces & physical space 100802.jpeg To conduct our lives in a good way, we must become aware of the spiritual reality. The spiritual reality is very near to us, even we might often not realize this. Although while living in the physical world we tend to think of ourselves as physical people having a body and a mind, it is also true that our spirits dwell in our bodies. Aug. 2, 2010
Is all spirituality automatically beneficial? REstar.png Many people who try to embed spiritual values into their lives think that all spirituality automatically will benefit them. They see spirituality as contradicting to materialism and because they see all materialism as bad, they see all spirituality as good. Jan. 18, 2011
Your dreams and your spiritual life Jacob at Bethel.jpg If we want to get in control of our own spiritual life, our dreams take a major place. It is essential to learn to interpret dreams. To have a well-developing spiritual life it is necessary to interpret each dream that we have. Jan. 21, 2011
Opening your spiritual senses Jan Cossiers - Los cinco sentidos, 1630-40.jpg We have the same spiritual senses as we have physical ones. We have physical eyes and spiritual eyes. We have physical ears and also spiritual ones. We have physical smell and taste and also spiritual smell and taste. Besides our physical touch we can touch and feel spiritually. Feb. 11, 2011
What is a border in the spirit world? Fence of a substation.jpg Many different realms exist in the spirit world. Some of these grew naturally, other ones were made artificially. A realm in the spirit world is a confined space that is only accessible to certain groups of human spirits and/or angels. Feb. 17, 2011
Testing the spirits Angel 09073.jpg Adam and Eve fell because they did not know how to judge an angel who deceived them. Since that time the spirit world has become a veiled place for almost everyone. Even for those with their spiritual senses more open, temporarily or always, the spirit world is a mysterious and hidden reality. March 9, 2011
Differences between true and false realities in the spirit world Circle Illusion.svg Here is a way of thinking that leads to many misunderstandings: 'The physical world is the world of illusion, of 'Maya' (a concept from Hinduism meaning the limited, purely physical and mental reality in which our everyday consciousness has become entangled.)' In one breath there is then added the notion that the spiritual reality, the 'above,' is what really determines the physical reality, the 'below', and this spiritual reality is described as a world that is caused by the workings of your mind only. March 1, 2011

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