Research page:Gardening Seminar:Start your own garden

On this page i am preparing the materials for the Gardening Seminar:Start your own garden - John Eagles

Working on the structure of the seminar

(Notes to myself, JE)
  • Make a logical structure for the seminar, from start to end, divide in sections.
  • Write new texts to introduce each new section.
  • Refer to already existing pages about gardening topics for further study of a section.
  • Don't forget to include podcasts, already existing or new-to-be-made.
  • Find external content, older gardening books, videos, images etc.
  • How to promote on Facebook?
  • Organize to allow comments by students and readers. For this, comments on ERW/FB should be enabled. C & Y are working on this.

Sections of the seminar

Still preliminary
  1. What is a garden
  2. Designing your garden
  3. Some science for the gardener (photosynthesis, fertilizers, pH, nitrogen cycle)
  4. Garden tools
  5. Preparing the soil
  6. Good crops for the beginning gardener
  7. Your own garden calendar
  8. The greenhouse
  9. Storing and organizing your seeds
  10. Fertilizing the soil
  11. Sowing and planting
  12. Weeding
  13. Soil management
  14. Crop rotation
  15. Harvesting crops
  16. Conserving your harvest

Structure of each section

Make a separate page for each section so comments can be added just for that section.
  1. Introductory text
  2. Assignments
  3. Further reading
  4. What you should remember
  5. Optional: images, videos, podcasts -- internal (on ERW) and/or external (elsewhere on the web)

Pages and topics on ERW that relate to this seminar

  • a

New fragments, possibly to be included in the seminar

  • a

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