Gardening Seminar:Start your own garden

The new improved course is Start a vegetable garden
This is a seminar[1] about starting your own garden. I'll speak from my own experience, which basically has been with what could be called 'integrated gardens,' that is gardens that have vegetables, flowering plants, herbs, fruit trees and other types of plants combined.
On the Research page:Gardening Seminar:Start your own garden i am preparing the materials for this seminar. - John Eagles

Sections of the seminar

The seminar is divided into sections. Although you can read most sections independently from the other ones, it is recommended to follow the course from beginning to end in the given order.
  1. What is a garden
  2. Designing your garden
  3. Some science for the gardener
  4. Garden tools
  5. Preparing the soil
  6. Good crops for the beginning gardener

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  1. Seminars on Eagle Rock Wiki are courses given about special topics. These seminars are set up in a systematic way to get familiar with or knowledgeable about a topic. Readers or students are invited to participate in various ways: to follow the schedule of the seminar from start to end, by studying and reading the given materials and by performing tasks when these are given, and also to participate in discussions by asking questions, making comments and giving replies or suggestions.