Some fundamentals about 'chi'

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This article is part of Divine Body Practice
By John Eagles, June 10, 2012.

The thoughts expressed here are about energy as used in Divine Body Practice, but the principles are more general.

Just like there exist different forms of energy in the realm of physics, so there exist different energies used by the body. In physics, some specifications can be made regarding the forms of energy. Some physical forms of energy are: thermal energy, chemical energy, electric energy, radiant energy, nuclear energy, magnetic energy, etc.

When we use energy in the body, as in fighting or in healing, many people call it 'chi' or 'ki.' This is the Chinese term. Other words for this energy are 'prana' in Vedantic philosophy, 'mana' in Hawaian culture, 'vital energy' in Western philosophy. Also in these uses, most people don't make further specifications for this energy.

When we look at electromagnetic energy, we differentiate between different types. Electromagnetic energy is also called radiant energy. Some forms of electromagnetic energy are radio waves, micro waves, infrared waves, visible light, ultraviolet waves, X-rays and gamma rays.

Looking at radio waves, we see that they can be distinguished according to physical properties, but they can also be interpreted according to the content that is transmitted through the waves. It doesn't really matter much whether you listen to a shortwave radio or a longwave one, what you wish to hear is the content of a speech, of news, of music.

We see that in the analysis of energy, we can distinguish between content and form. The form is important, as it would be more difficult to pass on information through infrared waves than it is through radio waves. Also the content is important.

For the purpose of this essay, we make clear that there is a content and there is a form of energy.

When we work with chi in Divine Body Practice, we can learn to distinguish between different forms of chi, comparable to forms of physical energy (electric energy, radiant energy, etc.) and the content of what is conveyed using energy as a medium.

In fighting or healing or dance, and also in music, energy can be conveyed by the body, sometimes also using instruments such as in music a guitar, or in fighting a stick, etc.

Also different forms of chi can be conveyed, for example earth energy, water energy, wind energy. There are many forms of chi.

And, each of these forms of energy can convey a content, just like radio waves can transmit content of many forms. To mention a few possibilities, we can differentiate between chi that passes on hatred, chi that passes on love, chi that passes on compassion, chi that passes on destruction. Countless contents are possible.

How does someone determine the content of chi? It is by what is in the person's heart and mind. It is in the person's motivation and intention. When a fighter is enraged in hatred, that hatred will be in the content of his chi. When a healer is moved by compassion, that love will be in the energy with which the patient is healed.

How does someone determine the form of chi that is being used? Also this is done by the mind, but it needs knowledge of the type of energy, experience with attracting and channeling this particular energy. It also needs connecting to the source of energy. For example, if you wish to use earth energy, you need to be able to establish an energetic connection to the earth.


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