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By John Eagles, June 4, 2010

When you look with spiritual eyes at city of town, you can distinguish distinct spiritual regions. Often, but not always, these spiritual regions are separated by borders that are also visible in the physical world, borders such as highways, rivers, grassland etc.

I have learned to see these spiritual regions in the time that i was going out fundraising, going from door to door to sell a product. Since i became aware of these spiritual regions, fundraising took on a whole different meaning and has also become a much more successful undertaking.

In this note i'll try to explain more about it. The same knowledge about spiritual regions in a village, town or city can also be helpful when you go out witnessing from door to door or when you enter houses in a Home Church project.

Here is a drawing i made of an imaginary town divided into 8 regions.

Spiritual regions in a town.jpg

The regions in this town are not just neighborhoods as one would see in a normal map. They are regions that each have their distinct spiritual atmosphere or color.

  1. Old town with central church
  2. Old town with shopping area
  3. New town neighborhood
  4. New town neighborhood
  5. Industrial area
  6. Rural area
  7. Villas
  8. Recreational area

About the spiritual regions:
When you look at neighborhoods in a town or city, you can distinguish areas that more or less have the same spiritual atmosphere. Spiritually looking, each area has a different feeling and color. The borders between these regions normally are quite distinct and hold over longer time.

How to determine the spiritual regions?
What i used to do before tackling a town in a fundraising project was to

  1. Study the map and a little about the history of that town or city.
  2. Drive through the town or city and study the areas and the houses. Notice the feelings you get by going from one neighborhood to another. Sometimes it is necessary to leave the car. A bicycle is a great help.
  3. Determine the distinct areas. Rivers and main roads are usually markers for spiritual borders, but not always. Churches and other main buildings tend to dominate and control a wider neighborhood of houses around them. If you cannot yet feel or see the spiritual differences, try it anyway. It is a great way to practice your spiritual senses.
  4. Write down the borders on a map and try to name each of the areas.
  5. Determine which areas feel better and which ones feel more difficult spiritually.

How to approach the town as a whole in a fundraising or other project?

  1. It is usually a good idea to begin with what you feel is the best area. Don't move out to another area. Keep working inside the borders of that area until you break through.
  2. Based on victory in the first area, choose the next one.
  3. In this way you build up a spiritual foundation in that town. Each time you make a victory in one area, it will help you in the next one.
  4. You may encounter sudden and unexpected difficulties working in one region. In that case, pray and meditate and determine what to do. Sometimes it is better to leave that region unfinished and try another one first. But don't be too fast with giving up as you may end up with losing altogether. If your own spirit is beaten, you won't break through anymore until you solved your own problem.
  5. When a town is getting too difficult to handle altogether, it sometimes helps to first make a foundation in a neighboring town and after that return to the former town or city.

Here is an example from my own experience:
In one town i struggled and could not break through even after many days. I decided to move to another town. In that town i worked as described above. After several days i made victory in the central area with a big towering church. In spirit world, 12 spirits who were connected to that church became my friends and began to help me. Each day when i drove to that town to go out fundraising, i was welcomed at the border by those 12 spirits. They went ahead of me in the houses and prepared the people for buying my product. Once i had done that entire town, i returned to the first town and having a stronger foundation i could make victory there.

What i described here is based on a few examples only. There are many other interesting stories to tell about fundraising with the help of spirit world.

This method works. I can testify. It is a formidable tool of training for your own development.


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