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A series of articles written by John Eagles.

When you look up definitions for the word 'economy,' you'll find rather different ones.

For example, [1] defines 'economic' as:
... pertaining to the production, distribution, and use of income, wealth, and commodities.
Merriam-Webster[2] gives as one of several definitions about 'economy':
... the management of household or private affairs and especially expenses.

Here, 'economy' will be understood in a similar way, putting emphasis on the 'fair distribution' of things, in a family, tribe, nation or the world. Often the word 'business' will appear. It's used in the meaning of 'a creative enterprise producing and distributing things.'

In the following articles we shall search for the original meaning of 'economy' and 'business.' In that original sense, there must be considered the meaning in relation to our own restoration. We all have bodies and we all need food and things around us. How can we create or produce, sell or distribute these things in an original way? How do these matters relate to our own course of becoming a better and more mature person?


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The meaning of business Insectarium bees.jpg In the English language, business originally would mean: to be busy. Because fallen people are all the time busy with doing only one thing, to make money, business came to mean: to acquire money. Money represents God’s creation. Therefore, business concerns man’s relationship to creation. February 2, 1986
Business as training to unite mind and body Holistic-health.jpg Man is the unity of mind and body, which must be centered on God. Through the fall of man, man lost his direction centered on God and became centered on Satan instead. Because of that, fallen man has no clear purpose in life. February 10, 1986
The growth of a foundation and the element of time Jumma Masjid - 7.JPG How much time does it take to build a foundation in the world? What stages are there when you want to build a foundation? Suppose you want to build up a business. How is this done in accordance with original principles and how much time does this take? August 7, 1999
Some ideas on alternative economy Ploughmen Fac simile of a Miniature in a very ancient Anglo Saxon Manuscript published by Shaw with legend God Spede ye Plough and send us Korne enow.png We have gotten rather used to the way economy functions today. Many people criticize the way that products are made as their production pollutes our environment and also helps to increase the gap between the rich and the poor. Another critique is on the increasing size of worldwide corporations and the influence they are gaining in the political field. To find a way out of these problems it does not suffice to install laws that prohibit the forming of monopolies or that slow down economic growth. At the core of the problem are economic principles that are fundamentally wrong. Nov.16, 2006
The purification of money Les compteurs d'argent Nancy 3018.jpg There exist principles for how money can be purified. Much of the money in the present world is dirty money. Much money has been stained because it was acquired through immoral methods. Such money needs to be purified in order to give it back its original value. October 2, 2008
If i were a smart banker... Bankers Hall-Calgary.JPG This is what i would do, to get richer under all circumstances, and to increase my riches over the generations of my children and grandchildren and grand-grandchildren. I would always be neutral in each occurring war. I would never choose sides because both parties are my customers. It doesn’t matter how and where I earn my money. When I control the money, I can always make profit, in war and in peace, whether there is a depression or a soaring economy. September 29, 2008
What is money? Back to the basics Goldkey logo removed.jpg The world is in an economic crisis that has a lot to do with the misuse and misunderstanding of what money really is. I want to take you back to a simple situation to get some deeper grasp on this topic. First, the question, what should money be? Should it be something of value itself, for example in the form of precious metals such as gold and silver? October 28, 2008
The things and man and God Woodturning-11-Small Things-gje.jpg When we speak about economy, we speak about things. Things are available in the form of natural resources and in man-produced products. We cannot speak about economy without considering the meaning of things in relation to God and man. March 5, 2009
The creation of things as an employee File:Rolls Royce factory -Merlin engines and female workers-1942.jpg For this situation there are to be considered: You as the producer or creator of things - Your relationship to God and how to offer that what you do to God - The employer for whom you are working and his relationship to God - The things that you make and the resources from which they were made. March 5, 2009
Fields of life to be incorporated into economic thought Hotu.png All the things that we own or use or produce are made from what the Creator has given us. To own and produce, to deal with and to exchange the things of creation is what in the world is called 'economy.' Because we were put in a world that was given to use by the Creator, it is impossible to set up a fair and just economy without considering our own relationship to God and the meaning of things in relationship to God. March 5, 2009
Creative through your own production Pottery Ghana.jpg The original situation for each person is that he or she creates something while standing in a direct object relationship to God, unhindered by any person who might want to stand in-between. In this situation, you can express God's love fully and you can entirely explore and develop your own talents. March 6, 2009
Offerings and selling things Alanya Market 50.jpg Human life well understood is life in relationship to God. All that we do should be connected to God. All that we are should be under God. This is no different for the the activity of selling a product. March 9, 2009
From alienated producing to sacred sharing OldCityJerusalem01 ST 06.JPG Today, the trading and the selling of products and services belong to the world of business and money, and most businesses and much of the money in the world are spiritually polluted and degraded. But there is possible a way of 'selling' and trading that is sacred. March 10, 2009
The millionaire mind Millionaire's viewpoint - - 81333.jpg This article can be read as a commentary on the thinking that people must become millionaires in order to build a better world. The heavenly mind of the millionaire is that of a person who knows that all of creation already belongs to him or her. Being a child of God, the whole creation is ours. We can feel this when we are aware of God being our Parents. Jan. 26, 2010
Principled business 1 - For our own restoration RIAN archive 978879 Printing banknotes at Goznak factory in Perm.jpg There exist many definitions for what is business, such as the buying and selling of goods, the amount of trade done, an enterprise or firm, work or responsibility. For many people doing business is equivalent to making money, getting wealthy. Let us try to gain a principled view on what business should be and how it should be conducted. April 18, 2010
Principled business 2 - The value of time Clock 100419.JPG Imagine that you are hungry and someone gives you a bread. What are you supposed to do with that bread, when you are not the only one who is hungry but there are people around you who need food as well? You must cut the bread in pieces and share it with others. When you are an honest person you will try to divide it fairly. Also, you want to eat the bread before it gets bad. April 19, 2010
Spiritual regions in a town - fundraising Spiritual regions in a town.jpg When you look with spiritual eyes at city of town, you can distinguish distinct spiritual regions. Often, but not always, these spiritual regions are separated by borders that are also visible in the physical world, borders such as highways, rivers, grassland etc. I have learned to see these spiritual regions in the time that i was going out fundraising, going from door to door to sell a product. Since i became aware of these spiritual regions, fundraising took on a whole different meaning and has also become a much more successful undertaking. June 4, 2010
When the dust was removed, inspiration came Native American collection - Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - DSC09072.JPG About Native Creative - It's always amazing to me how this works. After some weeks of cleaning and sawing and screwing and hammering, finally the room for making creative woodwork is finished. The room is meant as a place of training first of all. It's not just to make things but also to set up an economic foundation for our future training center that now only still is an old and decayed farmhouse. The particular training in this room will be to learn to make things with wood and other materials. Nov. 23, 2010
Material blessing proof for God's love? Dubai gold market.jpg There is a widespread belief among many who call themselves faithful that the wealth they gathered is proof of God's love for them. I don't recall the exact quotations from which they derive such belief, but it goes more or less in the line that God blesses the ones who are faithful, or blesses those who follow God's laws. February 1, 2011
World of harmony Pavilion of harmony.jpg All of us people of the world have lost the balance and harmony between different elements of our lives. In my life i have made it a goal to try to discover how to live in an original, that is harmonious way. February 27, 2011
The purpose of a house full of chairs MTR Chairs 5.jpg All of us want to become happy and there is nothing wrong about that. What we need to understand is that nobody can be happy by being alone, by just taking care of yourself. You cannot make yourself happy. You are happy when you are being loved. March 5, 2011

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